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Electron-Electron Correlation Effects in Low-Dimensional Conductors and Superconductors

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This volume presents lectures on new approaches to electron-electron and electron-phonon correlation effects in low-dimensional ma... Lire la suite
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This volume presents lectures on new approaches to electron-electron and electron-phonon correlation effects in low-dimensional materials: organic solids, conducting polymers such as polyacetylenes (CH)x, organic and copper-oxide superconductors with high Tc values. Key points: correlation effects in optical spectra, magnetic properties, nonlinear processes, electrons in 1-d and 2-d solids and their molecular components, new approaches to 1-d and 2-d Hubbard models, Peierls model, multi-configurational approach to large systems, calculation of Madelung energy in complex crystals, quantum field model, kink effects in optical spectra of high Tc superconductors. Researchers in the fields of solid state physics and superconductivity will find this collection of papers particularly useful.
Die Beiträge in diesem Band befassen sich mit neuen Zugängen zur Elektron-Elektron- und Elektron-Phonon-Wechselwirkung in niedrig-dimensionalen Systemen: organischen Festkörpern, leitenden Polymeren wie Polyacethylenen (CH)x, organischen Supraleitern und Kupferoxydsupraleitern mit hohen Tc-Werten. Die hier gesammelten Aufsätze sind für all jene ganz besonders interessant, die in der Festkörperphysik und auf dem Gebiet der Supraleitung forschen.


I Correlation Effects in Low-Dimensional Conductors, Superconductors and Model Systems.- The 1-d Hubbard Model: A Landau Luttinger Liquid.- Mean-Field Study of Possible Electronic Pairings in the CuO Plane of HTSO.- Correlation Pairing and Antiferromagnetic Phase Energy in Low-Dimensional Systems of La-Sr-Cu-O and Y-Ba-Cu-O Metaloxides.- Kink Nature of Current Carriers in High-Tc Superconductor Oxides.- Anomaly Index and Induced Charge on a Noncompact Surface in an External Magnetic Field.- About the Influence of Uniaxial Pressure on the Twin Structure in the 1-2-3 System.- II Correlation Effects in Organic Crystals, Molecules and Polymers.- Coexistence of Mott and Peierls Instabilities in Quasi-One-Dimensional Organic Conductors.- Nonlinear Optical Susceptibility for Third Harmonic Generation in Combined Peierls Dielectrics.- Nonlinear Optical Properties of (A - B)x-Polymers.- Application of the Method of Cyclic Permutations to the Calculation of Many-Electron Systems. Polaron States in the Emery Model.- From Incomplete Allowance for Electron Correlation to the Full CI in ?- Systems. The Variational Operator Approach.- Dynamical Correlation in Finite Polymethine Chains.- Electronic Structure and Optical Spectra of Transition Metal Complexes via the Effective Hamiltonian Method.- III Multiparticle Effects in Kinetics and Magnetism.- Magnetic Properties of the Hubbard Model with Infinite Interactions.- Anomalous Transport Through Thin Disordered Layers.- Correlation Effects in Many-Body Reactive Systems.- Fermionization of a Generalized Two-Dimensional Ising Model.- Ferromagnetism of Charge-Transfer Crystals: Curie Temperature of a Organometallic Ferromagnet.- Index of Contributors.

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Titre: Electron-Electron Correlation Effects in Low-Dimensional Conductors and Superconductors
Code EAN: 9783540542483
ISBN: 3540542485
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
nombre de pages: 180
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Année: 1991
Auflage: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1991