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Jakarta EE Cookbook - Second Edition

  • Couverture cartonnée
  • 380 Nombre de pages
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Elder Moraes helps Jakarta EE developers build and deliver secure, fast, and available applications so that they are able to work... Lire la suite
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Elder Moraes helps Jakarta EE developers build and deliver secure, fast, and available applications so that they are able to work on great projects. He is passionate about content sharing; he does it by speaking at international events, blogging, and writing articles.
He has been working with Java since 2002 and has developed applications for different industries. As a board member at SouJava, he led the Java EE 8 - The Next Frontier initiative, interviewing some world-class Java EE experts

Texte du rabat

An enterprise Java developer's guide to learning JAX-RS, context and dependency injection, JavaServer Faces (JSF), and microservices with Eclipse MicroProfile using the latest features of Jakarta EE
Key Features

Explore Jakarta EE's latest features and API specifications and discover their benefits

Build and deploy microservices using Jakarta EE 8 and Eclipse MicroProfile

Build robust RESTful web services for various enterprise scenarios using the JAX-RS, JSON-P, and JSON-B APIs

Book Description

Jakarta EE is widely used around the world for developing enterprise applications for a variety of domains. With this book, Java professionals will be able to enhance their skills to deliver powerful enterprise solutions using practical recipes.

This second edition of the Jakarta EE Cookbook takes you through the improvements introduced in its latest version and helps you get hands-on with its significant APIs and features used for server-side development. You'll use Jakarta EE for creating RESTful web services and web applications with the JAX-RS, JSON-P, and JSON-B APIs and learn how you can improve the security of your enterprise solutions. Not only will you learn how to use the most important servers on the market, but you'll also learn to make the best of what they have to offer for your project. From an architectural point of view, this Jakarta book covers microservices, cloud computing, and containers. It allows you to explore all the tools for building reactive applications using Jakarta EE and core Java features such as lambdas. Finally, you'll discover how professionals can improve their projects by engaging with and contributing to the community.

By the end of this book, you'll have become proficient in developing and deploying enterprise applications using Jakarta EE.

What you will learn

Work with Jakarta EE's most commonly used APIs and features for server-side development

Enable fast and secure communication in web applications with the help of HTTP2

Build enterprise applications with reusable components

Break down monoliths into microservices using Jakarta EE and Eclipse MicroProfile

Improve your enterprise applications with multithreading and concurrency

Run applications in the cloud with the help of containers

Get to grips with continuous delivery and deployment for shipping your applications effectively

Who this book is for

This book is for Java EE developers who want to build enterprise applications or update their legacy apps with Jakarta EE's latest features and specifications. Some experience of working with Java EE and knowledge of web and cloud computing will assist with understanding the concepts covered in this book.

Informations sur le produit

Titre: Jakarta EE Cookbook - Second Edition
Sous-titre: Practical recipes for enterprise Java developers to deliver large scale applications with Jakarta EE
Code EAN: 9781838642884
ISBN: 1838642889
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Genre: Informatique
nombre de pages: 380
Poids: 700g
Taille: H233mm x B191mm x T25mm
Année: 2020