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Egyptian Archaeology

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Willeke Wendrich is Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is the author o... Lire la suite
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Willeke Wendrich is Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is the author of a range of books, reports and articles, including: Who is Afraid of Basketry (1992), The World According to Basketry (1999), Berenike Reports (from 1995-2007, co-edited with Steven Sidebotham) and The Archaeology of Mobility (2007, co-editor with Hans Barnard) and editor-in-chief of the online UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology (2008).

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"Egyptian Archaeology" explores ancient Egypt using a uniquely archaeological approach, drawing on original research to both synthesize and challenge existing scholarship.Written by leading Egyptologists, based on original research and fieldworkIllustrates how practical research is a vital component of any theory-based discussion about the ancient worldExamines the cultural and historical processes of ancient Egypt from a global perspectiveVisually engaging with over 80 illustrationsChapters explore fundamental issues and themes, but focus on specific periods and key archaeological sites


List of Tables and Figures. Notes on Contributors. Series Editors' Preface. 1 Egyptian Archaeology: From Text to Context (Willeke Wendrich, University of California, Los Angeles). 2 Worship Without Writing (Stan Hendrickx, Dirk Huyge and Willeke Wendrich, Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg; Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels; University of California, Los Angeles). 3 Theories of State Formation (E. Christiana Kohler, Macquarie University). 4 Kingship and Legitimation (Janet Richards, University of Michigan). 5 Villages and the Old Kingdom (Mark Lehner, University of Chicago, Harvard University). 6 Regionality, Cultural and Cultic Landscapes (David Jeffreys, University College London). 7 Tradition and Innovation: the Middle Kingdom (Josef Wegner, University of Pennsylvania, Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology). 8 Foreigners in Egypt: Archaeological evidence and cultural context (Thomas Schneider, University of British Columbia, Vancouver). 9 Gender in Ancient Egypt (T.G. Wilfong, University of Michigan). 10 Class and Society: Position and Possessions (Wolfram Grajetzki, UCL, London). 11 Identity and Personhood (Willeke Wendrich, University of California, Los Angeles). 12 Changes in the Afterlife (John H. Taylor, The British Museum, London). 13 Consolidation, Innovation and Renaissance (Penelope Wilson, Durham University). 14 Egypt in the Memory of the World (Fekri Hassan, University College London). 15 Epilogue: Eternal Egypt Deconstructed (Willeke Wendrich, University of California, Los Angeles). Index.

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