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You're Not Crazy, You're Awakening

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Dr. Edwige, Msc.D is a Light Body Mentor, Metaphysical Practitioner, Medicine Woman, and Ascension Healer, she holds a Doctorate ... Lire la suite
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Dr. Edwige, Msc.D is a Light Body Mentor, Metaphysical Practitioner, Medicine Woman, and Ascension Healer, she holds a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science and is an Alumni with The University of Metaphysics. Starting at the age of twelve she began having visitations from her team of energetic celestial beings. For the last fifteen years, these beings have worked closely with her as she moved through the initiations of ascension developing an innumerable range of healing skills and abilities. She demonstrates what is achievable by all who with intent choose to ascend. Here to help and assist all who are ready to move forward on their journey. More than that, she charts a course anyone-even those who haven't had such experiences-can follow to access the realm of higher consciousness and clear old patterns of lack, pain, and guilt, and reactivate their divine blueprint.

Texte du rabat

Not everyone is as sure-footed about the arrival of their paranormal, multi-dimensional and consciousness breakthroughs. Trailblazing the path of awakening Dr. Edwige now offers to be a guide for others. Creating a doorway, she touches on a variety of subjects to advance one's awakening such as soul retrieval, clearing negative energies, DNA activation's, light code activation's, subconscious reprogramming, integrating life force energy, spiritual empowerment and so much more. In it, one finds many methods to increase their vibrational level.
This is a treatise on finding your right path to awakening, knowing what tools are of value to you, remembering that you are a divine being, moving one step at a time, with grace and ease. Be inspired to embrace your multidimensional self with unexpected experiences sure to help raise frequencies, awareness, and acceptance of the existence of benevolent beings lovingly waiting in the wings helping many transforms through their ascension.

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Titre: You're Not Crazy, You're Awakening
Sous-titre: The Journey of Discovery Continues: Second Edition
Code EAN: 9781952244612
ISBN: 1952244617
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Rustik Haws LLC
nombre de pages: 176
Poids: 417g
Taille: H235mm x B157mm x T14mm
Année: 2020