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Rediscovering Sainthood in Italy

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Beginning with Saint Barbatianus, a fifth-century wonderworking monk and confessor to the Empress Galla Placidia, this book focuse... Lire la suite
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Beginning with Saint Barbatianus, a fifth-century wonderworking monk and confessor to the Empress Galla Placidia, this book focuses on the changes in the religious landscape of Ravenna, a former capital of the Late Roman Empire, through the Middle Ages. During this period, written stories about saints and their relics not only offered guidance and solace but were also used by those living among the ruins of a once great cityparticularly its archbishops, monks, and the urban aristocracyto reflect on its past glory. This practice remained important to the citizens of Ravenna as they came to terms with the city's revival and renewed relevance in the tenth century under Ottonian rule. In using the vita of Barbatianus as a central text, Edward M. Schoolman explores how saints and sanctity were created and ultimately came to influence complex political and social networks, from the Late Roman Empire to the High Middle Ages.

Casts new light on the topic of medieval hagiography through its specific examination of Ravenna

Fills a much needed gap in the scholarship of Italian history and its rich connection to religion and sainthood

Explores a wide swath of history, from the Late Roman Empire to the High Middle Ages.

Edward M. Schoolman is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Nevada, Reno, USA.

Acknowledgments iiiList of Abbreviations vList of Illustrations viiIntroduction 1Chapter 1: Barbatianus in Late Antiquity 161.1: Locating Barbatianus in the Fifth Century 161.2: 'Foreign' Saints in the Late Roman Capital 201.3: Saints in the Sphere of Galla Placidia 221.4: The Other Barbatiani in Late Antiquity 33Chapter 2: The Contexts of Medieval Ravenna 372.1: The Legend of Barbatianus from the Sixth to the Ninth Century 372.2: Politics of Tenth-Century Ravenna: Archbishops 422.3: Politics of Tenth-Century Ravenna: Emperors 512.4: Politics of Tenth-Century Ravenna: Nobles 542.5: The Monastic Communities and Monastic Reform in Tenth-Century Ravenna 552.6: The Monasterium of Barbatianus 62Chapter 3: The Hagiographic Landscape of Medieval Ravenna 673.1: Approaching Ravenna's Hagiographic Landscape 673.2: Apollinaris and the Ravennate Saints before the Tenth Century 713.3: Hagiographic Production of the Tenth Century 803.4: The Long Perspective of the Vita et Inventio Sancti Probi 853.5: New Monastic Hagiography in Eleventh-Century Ravenna 94Chapter 4: The History of the Vita Barbatiani 974.1: History of the Vita Barbatiani 974.2: Dating the Vita of Barbatianus 101Chapter 5: Content and Composition of the Vita Barbatiani 1125.1: Content of the Vita Barbatiani 1125.2: The Composition of the Vita 1215.3: The Miracles of Barbatianus 132Chapter 6: Barbatianus in the Later Middle Ages 1466.1: Barbatianus in the Eleventh Century and the Sermon of Peter Damian 1476.2: The Legend of Barbatianus in the Twelfth Century and Beyond 1516.3: Noble and Monastic Diffusion of the Vita Barbatiani 157Chapter 7: Conclusions 1627.1: Creating Local Saints 1697.2: Barbatianus as Survivor< 174Appendix 1: Translation of the Vita Barbatiani 178Appendix 2: Translation of Peter Damian's On the Feast of St. Barbatianus 191Appendix 3: Manuscripts of the Vita sancti Barbatiani 203Bibliography 209

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Titre: Rediscovering Sainthood in Italy
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Editeur: Palgrave Macmillan US
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Année: 2021
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