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Chronicles of Caledon

  • Couverture cartonnée
  • 336 Nombre de pages
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Texte du rabat The Crimson Reaver is the highly anticipated sequel following the "Sword of Souls" of the mystifying page-turning C... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

The Crimson Reaver is the highly anticipated sequel following the "Sword of Souls" of the mystifying page-turning Chronicles of Caledon adult science fiction and fantasy series. The Crimson Reaver follows suite in high adventure and the personal struggles of the characters within.

Yes, and may the heavens help them as they are all thrown into this dark enchanting world. This book continues to introduce new characters, strange and distant moons, and creatures as the plot thickens.

You've asked for it, and Taylor delivers the resounding never-ending enchanting and action-packed saga. The Crimson Reaver exposes even more of the world of Caledon, dark magic, plots within plots, and the new brooding horizons to fetch surely the imagination and boldness of the genre fan waiting to embark into this mysterious world.

Join Lithius as he battles through a clever rouse of the Devatarians and his evil nemesis, Morderra- Atrauis as they come against the young sorcerer-warrior in the endeavors of ending his life. Through shear fortune, Lithius escapes the portentous clutches of his enemies and taking with him the wife of Kromaethius and his friend's only son, Damien.

Marshal Michael "Mick" Jacobson is appointed by the Devatarian Alliance to go after the commandeered ship carrying Lithius and those that managed to escape to be brought back to immediate justice and certain death. Mick begins to pick up the trail, however, the marshal and his closest friend has other plans altogether in regards to the capture of the vessel and its crew.

Meanwhile, Sarak, the new leader of the Tarvas rises to power and in his first order of his brutal business is to attack Gwarvarik and in sacking Gwardara, its capital in the process.

So grab your favorite axe, shield, or sword and join in the epic melee.

Informations sur le produit

Titre: Chronicles of Caledon
Sous-titre: The Crimson Reaver
Code EAN: 9781440105296
ISBN: 1440105294
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: iUniverse
Genre: Science-fiction & fantasy
nombre de pages: 336
Poids: 488g
Taille: H229mm x B152mm x T18mm
Année: 2008