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Sexual Intimacy

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Texte du rabat Do you want more intimacy with your partner? Do you want to create the right environment to give your couple unforg... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

Do you want more intimacy with your partner? Do you want to create the right environment to give your couple unforgettable moments?

Finding time to spice things up in a relationship can be difficult and it takes work. If you want to keep things fun and sexy then you must put in the work. Trying new positions and incorporating new sex toys will keep things hot and heavy between you and your partner. Learning about each other and finding what feels good and what turns each other on is crucial. Taking a trip to a local sex shop or surfing the net for new sex positions is a great way to eliminate the boring sex life that you may have and create a better sexual experience for the two of you. Try new things! This may be intimidating at first but once you become more comfortable with each other it will be much easier.
The fun in having sex involves getting to know each other, your bodies and what feels good for the other person. When you are able to provide your partner with an immense amount of pleasure, this feeling alone is a turn on. Watch the facial expressions of your partner as you lift them up, bend them over, and straddle them or whatever else you do to make them feel good. Allow this moment to turn you on. Most of all, have fun! Sex is a sensual moment for two individuals, but it's also a great way to release stress and feel good. When you have an orgasm, you release tension. Let go of daily stress by making it a point to have sex a few times a week. Make time for this! Great sexual relationships take time and commitment to the task at hand.

This guide will focus on the following:

. How to communicate with your partner
. Developing your sexual relationship with your partner
. Clearing the decks for sex
. Explore him/her body
. How to give an erotic massage to help increase intimacy
. Unlocking intimate capacity through synergy
. Spicy and dirty talk
. Masturbation
. Orgasms
. Sex toys: what choose for him and for her
. Using props during sex
. Sexual and aphrodisiac food
. The intricacies of pleasure and orgasms
. The most intimate positions for couples... AND MORE!!!

With Sexual Intimacy, you'll understand the task of providing pleasure for another individual is a great thing, but it's also an experience that will open new doors for new ways of

Informations sur le produit

Titre: Sexual Intimacy
Sous-titre: A Guide to Explore Desire and Sex Game For Couples, Sexual Fantasies in Marriage and Same-Sex Couples. What Women and Men Really Want From Sex. Tips, Massage, Positions
Code EAN: 9781801257442
ISBN: 978-1-80125-744-2
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Charlie Creative Lab
Genre: Guides pratiques
nombre de pages: 172
Poids: 259g
Taille: H229mm x B152mm x T9mm
Année: 2020