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Parasitic Wasps

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The parasitic Hymenoptera are a highly successful and important group of insects comprising probably over a million species. Despi... Lire la suite
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The parasitic Hymenoptera are a highly successful and important group of insects comprising probably over a million species. Despite the vast amount of research that has been carried out on the group over the last 100 years or so, there are still many unexplained aspects of their biology. In recent years interest in the parasitic Hymenoptera has grown as a result of the increasing demand for biological methods for pest control and their possible use as natural enemies. Parasitic wasps are also tremendously important in research on pollution dynamics and on host-parasite interactions.
In this unique volume Donald Quicke provides an up-to-date review of the biology of parasitic wasps which focuses primarily on genetics, developmental biology, physiology, anatomy and molecular biology, though many aspects of behaviour and ecology are also covered. Attention is drawn to the importance of both life history strategy an phylogeny to many features of parasitic wasp biology, and exciting new areas of research are highlighted. Parasitic Wasps provides an extensive guide to the relevant literature.
The book will prove invaluable to researchers working on this group and to those with broader interests in entomology, physiology, behaviour, ecology and pest control.

`I was extremely pleased to acquire a copy of this book and it never lies more than an arm's length from my desk. It is well written, well structured and well illustrated. It is a goldmine of information.'
Integrated Pest Management Review


Preface. 1. Introduction to the Parasitic Hymenoptera. 2. Sex and Genetics. 3. Life History Strategy: Idiobionts and Koinobionts. 4. Preimaginal Development: From Gametogenesis to Syngamy. 5. Preimaginal Development: From Embryo Initiation to Pupa. 6. Adult Morphology and Adaptations. 7. Physiological Interactions of Parasitic Wasps and their Hosts. 8. Adult Behaviour. 9. Non-Physiological Host Defence Strategies. 10. Ecology and Diversity of Parasitic Wasps. 11. Parasitic Wasp Phylogeny and Taxonomy. Appendix A: Parasitic Hymenoptera Frequently Studied in Culture. Appendix B: Utilization of Hot Groups by Different Families of Parasitic Hymenoptera. Glossary. References. Index.

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Titre: Parasitic Wasps
Code EAN: 9780412583506
ISBN: 041258350X
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Springer Netherlands
nombre de pages: 492
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Année: 1997
Auflage: 1997