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Mastering Self

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Texte du rabat Mastering self is commitment to a cause with conviction of conscience that transcends self. Mortal self is created ... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

Mastering self is commitment to a cause with conviction of conscience that transcends self. Mortal self is created by the person-distinct from immortal soul created by God. Self is courted by culture and politics with a propensity to ignore the lessons of history and practical philosophy by replacing timeless virtues with personal values. Consequently, mastering self has cultural, political, historical, philosophical, and theological implications.

Our culture is consumed by idols, materialism, technology gadgets, and entertainment whereby the mindset of most persons is entitlement to benefits provided by government or employer. Most of us live like kings with income and wealth compared to the rest of the world. Check to remove any doubt. But what about the immortal soul? Most in our culture ignore this question. Mastering self doesn't ignore it.

Mastering self involves an understanding that doesn't exist naturally in the human condition. It is cultivated by lifelong learning. This book is for serious thinkers who want to clarify their worldview and become what they should be. It consists of timeless truths and virtues for reference or contemplative study. Understanding them strengthens personal relations. Embracing them increases personal influence. Practicing them benefits anyone responsible for other people. Believing them promotes interpersonal skills. Living them cultivates character.

This book consists of 177 one-page essays-white papers that provide insight regarding basic issues in life: written for concise, clear construct and context and organized for coherence and continuity. These papers result from a deep conviction that God counsels and confides in those who fear Him (Ps. 25:14). They are the product of my reading, teaching, writing, and pondering to keep my heart with all diligence regarding issues in life (Prov. 4:23): contemplation of soul in solitude. Some are politically incorrect, viz., those regarding the culture and the federal government with its debt: written by an old curmudgeon, gadfly, and stager with old-school insight and stubborn ideas about stubborn facts about stubborn problems. Stager is an appropriate appellation-experienced through many battles, some literal, during 32 years of law enforcement: 24 as police chief managing police affairs in an urban area with a large university.

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Titre: Mastering Self
Sous-titre: A Biblically Based Commentary
Code EAN: 9781973679943
ISBN: 978-1-973679-94-3
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: WestBow Press
Genre: Autres
nombre de pages: 436
Poids: 666g
Taille: H229mm x B152mm x T25mm
Année: 2019