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The Belle Époque - A Cultural History, Paris and Beyond

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American readers, especially those who came of age after World War II, will quickly call up Toulouse-Lautrec posters on their wall... Lire la suite
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American readers, especially those who came of age after World War II, will quickly call up Toulouse-Lautrec posters on their walls and memories of first touring Paris. Kalifa gives those memories historical footings and explains their origins, providing a useful, informative portrait for scholars and Francophiles alike.

Dominique Kalifa (19572020) was professor of history and director of the Center for Nineteenth-Century History at the University of Paris 1 PanthéonSorbonne. His books include Vice, Crime, and Poverty: How the Western Imagination Invented the Underworld (Columbia, 2019).

Venita Datta is professor of French at Wellesley College.

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The years before the First World War have long been romanticized as a zenith of French culture?the "Belle Époque.? The era is seen as the height of a lost way of life that remains emblematic of what it means to be French. In a vast range of texts and images, it appears as a carefree time full of joie de vivre, fanfare and frills, artistic daring, and scientific innovation. The Moulin Rouge shared the stage with the Universal Exposition, Toulouse-Lautrec rubbed elbows with Marie Curie and La Belle Otero, and Fantômas invented automatic writing. This book traces the making?and the imagining?of the Belle Époque to reveal how and why it became a cultural myth. Dominique Kalifa lifts the veil on a period shrouded in nostalgia, explaining the century-long need to continuously reinvent and even sanctify this moment. He sifts through images handed down in memoirs and reminiscences, literature and film, art and history to explore the many facets of the era, including its worldwide reception. The Belle Époque was born in France, but it quickly went global as other countries adopted the concept to write their own histories. In shedding light on how the Belle Époque has been celebrated and reimagined, Kalifa also offers a nuanced meditation on time, history, and memory.

Prologue: Time Regained
Part One: The 1900 Époque
Dawn of the Century
Time in Flight
Nothing mattered as long as we were dancing
The Invention of 1900
Part Two: Ah! la Belle Époque!
Occupied Paris, Belle Époque Paris?
Liberated Paris, Belle Époque Paris
A Lively Mid-Century
Part Three: The Ordeal of the Fin de Siècle
The Belle Époque Isn't What It Used to Be
All of France in the Belle Époque
A Very Broad Belle Époque
Everything Is Cultural in the Era of the Vintage
Epilogue: Tangled Times
Postscript: The Belle Époque and the Gilded Age, by Venita Datta

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Titre: The Belle Époque - A Cultural History, Paris and Beyond
Sous-titre: A Cultural History, Paris and Beyond
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ISBN: 978-0-231-20209-1
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Editeur: Columbia University Press
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