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Ultimate Marvel

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  • 320 Nombre de pages
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Every significant Marvel Comics character, location, weapon, gadget, and vehicle: one ultimate encyclopedia.Packed full of incredi... Lire la suite
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Every significant Marvel Comics character, location, weapon, gadget, and vehicle: one ultimate encyclopedia.

Packed full of incredible facts and stunning images, this authoritative encyclopedia contains more than 650 entries and features a foreword by the legendary comic book writer Roy Thomas.

All of Marvel's iconic super heroes and villains are here, from Captain Marvel to Corvus Glaive and Iron Man to Gwenpool. Amazing vehicles are examined, such as the Avengers' Quinjets and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarriers. Magical artifacts, including Thor's hammer Mjolnir, are analysed and extraordinary locations, such as Wakanda and Asgard, are explored. Advanced technology is explained, including Iron Man's incredible armor, and key events in the Marvel Comics universe are richly unpacked.

Presented in a stunning slipcase with original cover artwork by esteemed artist Adi Granov, Ultimate Marvel is the perfect gift for Marvel Comics fans. It is an ideal go-to resource for enthusiasts who wish to brush up on their Marvel knowledge, and for a new generation of fans eager to start delving into the world of Marvel comics.

© 2017 MARVEL


Lorraine Cink is a comedian and writer for Marvel's weekly web show, The Watcher. But don't let that comedy background fool you, she is a serious Marvel expert who really knows how to make her deep knowledge accessible and entertaining to a wide audience. She lives in New York City.

Adam Bray is a frequent contributor to DK Star Wars™ and LEGO® Star Wars books, including Ultimate Star Wars and the best-selling Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know. Visit him online at

Stephen "Win" Wiacek has worked in all areas of the comics industry since the 1980s. Stephen lives in London and has contributed to DK's DC Comics Encyclopedia, and numerous other comic book-related titles.

Melanie Scott has written and contributed to a range of comic book publications, including Marvel Ultimate Fact Book, DC Comics: Ultimate Character Guide - New Edition, and LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Ultimate Quiz Book, all by DK.

Cover artwork is by esteemed comic-book artist Adi Granov.

  • 1: Foreword by Roy Thomas
  • 2: A Marvel Comics Events Timeline
  • 3: Super Heroes and Villains: Golden Age
    • 1: Captain America
    • 2: Clash of the Marvels
  • 4: Atlas Age
    • 1: Roll Call
  • 5: Marvel Age
    • 1: Fantastic Four
    • 2: Hulk
    • 3: Spider-Man
    • 4: Spider-Man's Destiny
    • 5: Thor
    • 6: Iron Man
    • 7: Doctor Strange
    • 8: The Avengers
    • 9: Cap Joins the Avengers
    • 10: X-Men
    • 11: Scarlet Witch
    • 12: Daredevil
    • 13: Black Widow
    • 14: The Evil of Ultron
    • 15: Roll Call
  • 6: Bronze Age
    • 1: Incredible Journey
    • 2: Wolverine
    • 3: Doom Victorious!
    • 4: Roll Call
  • 7: Modern Age
    • 1: Two Against Carnage
    • 2: Roll Call
  • 8: Heroic Age
    • 1: A Civil War
    • 2: When Worlds Collide
    • 3: Roll Call
  • 9: Vehicles
    • 1: S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
    • 2: Blackbird
    • 3: Hell on Wheels
  • 10: Weapons and Technology
    • 1: Stark Industries
    • 2: Iron Man's Armor
    • 3: Shield of Liberty
  • 11: Cosmic Powers
    • 1: Pyrrhic Victory
  • 12: Magical Artifacts
    • 1: Goddess of Thunder
  • 13: Planets and Realms
    • 1: Kree Genocide
  • 14: Countries and Places
    • 1: Xavier's School/Jean Grey School
    • 2: Avengers Mansion
    • 3: Atlantis Destroyed!
  • 15: Index
  • 16: Acknowledgments

Informations sur le produit

Titre: Ultimate Marvel
Sous-titre: Includes two exclusive prints
Code EAN: 9780241288122
ISBN: 978-0-241-28812-2
Format: Livre Relié
Age recommandé: 12 à 18 ans
Editeur: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Genre: Bandes dessinées et humour
nombre de pages: 320
Poids: 2410g
Taille: H265mm x B322mm x T37mm
Année: 2017