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Siberian Huskies For Dummies

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Discover how to raise, train, and enjoy your Siberian Husky with this fantastic resourceThe Second Edition of Siberian Huskies For... Lire la suite
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Discover how to raise, train, and enjoy your Siberian Husky with this fantastic resourceThe Second Edition of Siberian Huskies For Dummies offers the most up-to-date information about welcoming a Siberian Husky into your home and loving your new family member. Author and Husky owner Diane Morgan walks you through how to care for these beautiful, curious, and engaging dogs, as she:* Suggests ideal methods for adopting and selecting a Husky right for you* Examines ways to socialize your new Husky* Shares details about Siberian Husky grooming and veterinary care* Provides additional information about behavior correction and trainingSiberian Huskies For Dummies is packed full of practical tips about how to raise and have fun with your young or old Siberian Husky. The author shares her advice in plain English for people looking for accessible and approachable information.Perfect for new and experienced husky owners, Siberian Huskies For Dummies also belongs on the bookshelves of anyone who's ever considered adopting one of these magnificent animals.

Diane Morgan is a Master Instructor of English, Communication, and Modern Languages at Indian River State College in Florida. She's also a writer and longtime owner of many breeds of dog. The Siberian Husky-with its fascinating beauty, personality, and history-is one of her absolute favorites.

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* Enjoy activities with your Husky * Keep your Husky happy and healthy * Welcome a Husky into your home Get up and running with your Siberian Husky! Is a Siberian Husky right for you and your family? The updated edition of this straightforward and friendly guide answers this and all your other questions about getting, caring for, and living with this beautiful, sociable, and ancient breed. Siberian Husky devotee Diane Morgan provides insights into the Husky's intelligent and easy-going temperament, along with fun facts, instructive and amusing anecdotes, and easy-to-follow tips on how to make sure your new pal is happy, healthy, and having lots of fun! * Decide whether to adopt or buy * Communicate with your Husky * Groom your Siberian * Feed and exercise your dog * Recognize common health issues * Break bad habits

Introduction 1 Part 1: Getting to Know Your Siberian Husky 5 Chapter 1: The Lowdown on Siberian Huskies, Just the Basics 7 Chapter 2: Recognizing What a Siberian Husky Is (and Isn't) 23 Part 2: Looking for Your Soul Mate 37 Chapter 3: Selecting a Siberian Husky 39 Chapter 4: Outfitting Your New Husky 57 Part 3: Living with a Siberian Husky 71 Chapter 5: Welcoming Home Your Husky 73 Chapter 6: Figuring Out What Your Husky Is Telling You 91 Chapter 7: Socializing Your Siberian 105 Chapter 8: Training Your Husky 113 Chapter 9: Solving Bad Behavior 127 Chapter 10: Dealing with Aggression 143 Part 4: Keeping Your Husky Healthy 155 Chapter 11: Feeding Your Husky 157 Chapter 12: Grooming Your Siberian 169 Chapter 13: Focusing on Your Husky's Health and Wellbeing 181 Chapter 14: Responding to Emergencies 211 Part 5: Bringing Out the Sled Dog in Your Siberian 225 Chapter 15: Sledding with Your Siberian 227 Chapter 16: The Last Great Race: The Iditarod 235 Part 6: The Part of Tens 243 Chapter 17: Ten (or So) Tips for Traveling with (or without) Your Husky 245 Chapter 18: Ten Hazards for a Husky (and How to Avoid Them) 255 Chapter 19: Ten Great Dog Activities for Your Husky (besides Sledding) 263 Chapter 20: Ten Reasons to Have a Siberian Husky 275 Appendix A: Glossary 281 Appendix B: Siberian Husky Resources 287 Index 291

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Année: 2020
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