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Oh, Lucifer,

  • Couverture cartonnée
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Delphine Shannon was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. and raised in Altoona, Pa. She lived at the Marine Base in Indian Head, Maryland for... Lire la suite
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Delphine Shannon was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. and raised in Altoona, Pa. She lived at the Marine Base in Indian Head, Maryland for over a year, in Detroit for seven years, and returned to Altoona.
She is a graduate of Penn State University, majoring in Psychology. She has written two other books: Dominus Vobiscum and one anonymous, and is a poet and artist.
Delphine has traveled the seven continents; a three-week excursion to Antarctica, eighteen islands, walked the China Wall, a Three-Safari tour in Central and Southern Africa, and her favorite, a nine-day Pilgrimage to Israel.
Among her many occupations were: caregiver, ten years; seamstress for nine years, and manager of Nautilus gymnasium.
Delphine's love for adventure and traveling is surpassed by her love for Jesus Christ, her three children, nineteen grand and great grand children.
As a young woman, the discovery that the Bible left many questions unanswered, prompted her to study the Bible, now for forty-five years.
Questions: Who are the Elohim that created us? When did they come to and leave Earth? Why is Earth called, The Valley of Tears?"
One day the answers came and revealed that we ,of Earth, are rightful inheritors of the Universe, our way paid for by Jesus Christ.
My love and concern for my fellow human beings is pleasing me to report to the world that each one of you is a child of the Universe, none others are greater nor lesser than you. We can escape Lucifer's Valley of Tears.

Texte du rabat

O, Lucifer, will take you on an exciting journey through the creation of the Universe, Lucifer, Planets Nibiru, Earth, and your future destiny.
Millions of years ago a great war was waged in Heaven. Michael cast out rebellious Lucifer and his angels into exile via Planet Nibiru. The speeding, rogue planet was caught in Earth's Solar System to become its 12th Planet.
Lucifer made the planet habitable, created mortals and left to take over other planets. Nibiru progressed, but 445,000 years ago, a hole grew in the atmosphere; Earth's gold was needed to fill the breach and save their dying planet..Nibiruans/Anunnaki came to Earth, and created man to mine gold. These slaves suffered extreme hardships.
As time went on, man became too numerous, so 6,000 years ago, Earth was turned over to man. They were given a temple and their own priest to continue teaching man to obey the Anunnaki who rule under Lucifer.Thus, religion was started.
2,300 years ago, Anunnaki secretly took over Rome to rule man. Sufferings and cruelty continued on this planet; this Valley of Tears. Christ was sent to die for us to give hope for escaping prison planet Earth.
The Third Secret of Fatima was revealed in 1969 that says, "When the Revelation sign of Chapter 12 is seen in the sky, Lucifer will be cast to Earth, and Christ will return shortly thereafter for His own to be taken to Heaven to wait it out for seven years. The sign was seen September 23, 2017.
And the 112th Pope, Francis, the false prophet of Revelation, Chapter 13 will rule through Lucifer for seven years and then they will be defeated. Christ will set up His kingdom on Earth to rule until the return of Nibiru.
And then, we will reign in the Universe.

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Titre: Oh, Lucifer,
Sous-titre: Fallen, Fallen, Fallen
Code EAN: 9780228806127
ISBN: 0228806127
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Tellwell Talent
Genre: Science-fiction & fantasy
nombre de pages: 242
Poids: 310g
Taille: H216mm x B140mm x T13mm
Année: 2019