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Nursing Assistant Skills Checklist

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Nursing Assistant Skills Checklist is a compilation of checklists detailing the steps required to perform over 160 procedures. Thi... Lire la suite
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Nursing Assistant Skills Checklist is a compilation of checklists detailing the steps required to perform over 160 procedures. This product can be used as a tool for those who are studying to be Nursing Assistants; by instructors who want a tool to check student competency; or within an in-service training environment at the workplace.

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A compilation of checklists detailing the steps required to perform over 160 procedures. This product can be used as a tool for those who are studying to be nursing assistants, by instructors who want a tool to check student competency, or within an in-service training environment at the workplace.

Beginning Procedure Actions, Procedure Completion Actions, Procedure 1 Handwashing, Procedure 2 Putting on a Mask, Procedure 3 Putting on a Gown, Procedure 4 Putting on Gloves, Procedure 5 Removing Contaminated Gloves, Procedure 6 Removing Contaminated Gloves, Mask, and Gown, Procedure 7 Serving a Meal in an Isolation Unit, Procedure 8 Measuring Vital Signs in a Isolation Unit, Procedure 9 Transferring Nondisposable Equipment Outside of Isolation Unit, Procedure 10 Specimen Collection from a Patient in an Isolation Unit, Procedure 11 Caring for Linen in an Isolation Unit, Procedure 12 Transporting Patient to and from Isolation Unit, Procedure 13 Opening a Sterile Package, Procedure 14 Turning the Patient Toward You, Procedure 15 Turning the Patient Away from You, Procedure 16 Moving a Patient to the Head of the Bed, Procedure 17 Logrolling the Patient, Procedure 18 Applying a Transfer Belt, Procedure 19 Transferring the Patient from Bed to Chair-One Assistant, Procedure 20 Transferring the Patient from Bed to Chair-Two Assistants, Procedure 21 Transferring the Patient from Chair to Bed-One Assistant, Procedure 22 Transferring the Patient from Chair to Bed-Two Assistants, Procedure 23 Independent Transfer, Standby Assist, Procedure 24 Transferring the Patient from Bed to Stretcher, Procedure 25 Transferring the Patient from Stretcher to Bed, Procedure 26 Transferring the Patient with a Mechanical Lift, Procedure 27 Transferring the Patient onto and Off the Toilet, Procedure 28 Transferring the Patient into and out of the Bathtub, Procedure 29 Transferring a Patient into and out of a Car, Procedure 30 Assisting the Patient to Walk with a Cane and Three-Point Gait, Procedure 31 Assisting the Patient to Walk with a Walker and Three-Point Gait, Procedure 32 Assisting the Falling Patient, Procedure 33 Measuring a Oral Temperature (Glass Thermometer), Procedure 34 Measuring Temperature Using a Sheath-Covered Thermometer, Procedure 35 Measuring a Rectal Temperature (Glass Thermometer), Procedure 36 Measuring an Axillary or Groin Temperature (Glass Thermometer), Procedure 37 Measuring an Oral Temperature (Electronic Thermometer), Procedure 38 Measuring a Rectal Temperature (Electronic Thermometer), Procedure 39 Measuring an Axillary Temperature (Electronic Thermometer), Procedure 40 Measuring a Tympanic Temperature, Procedure 41 Cleaning Glass Thermometers, Procedure 42 Counting the Radial Pulse, Procedure 43 Counting the Apical-Radial Pulse, Procedure 44 Counting Respirations, Procedure 45 Taking Blood Pressure, Procedure 46 Taking Blood Pressure with an Electronic Blood Pressure Apparatus, Procedure 47 Weighing and Measuring the Patient Using an Upright Scale, Procedure 48 Weighing the Patient on a Chair Scale, Procedure 49 Measuring Weight with an Electronic Wheelchair Scale, Procedure 50 Measuring and Weighing the Patient in Bed, Procedure 51 Admitting the Patient, Procedure 52 Transferring the Patient, Procedure 53 Discharging the Patient, Procedure 54 Making a Closed Bed, Procedure 55 Opening the Closed Bed, Procedure 56 Making an Occupied Bed, Procedure 57 Making the Surgical Bed, Procedure 58 Assisting with the Tub Bath or Shower, Procedure 59 Bed Bath, Procedure 60 Changing the Patient¡¦s Gown, Procedure 61 Waterless Bed Bath, Procedure 62 Partial Bath, Procedure 63 Female Perineal Care, Procedure 64 Male Perineal Care, Procedure 65 Hand and Fingernail Care, Procedure 66 Bed Shampoo, Procedure 67 Dressing and Undressing the Patient, Procedure 68 Assisting with Routine Oral Hygiene, Procedure 69 Assisting with Special Oral Hygiene, Procedure 70 Assisting the Patient to Floss and Brush Teeth, Procedure 71 Caring for Dentures, Procedure 72 Backrub, Procedure 73 Shaving a Male Patient, Procedure 74 Daily Hair Care, Procedure 75 Giving and Receiving the Bedpan, Procedure 76 Giving and Receiving the Urinal, Procedure 77 Assisting with Use of the Bedside Commode, Procedure 78 Assisting the Patient who Can Feed Self, Procedure 79 Feeding the Dependent Patient, Procedure 80 Applying an Ice Bag, Procedure 81 Applying a Disposable Cold Pack, Procedure 82 Applying an Aquamatic K-Padµ, Procedure 83 Performing a Warm Soak, Procedure 84 Applying a Warm Moist Compress, Procedure 85 Assisting with Application of a Hypothermia Blanket, Procedure 86 Assisting with a Physical Examination, Procedure 87 Shaving the Operative Area , Procedure 88 Assisting the Patient to Deep Breathe and Cough, Procedure 89 Performing Postoperative Leg Exercises, Procedure 90 Applying Elasticized Stockings, Procedure 91 Applying Elastic Bandage, Procedure 92 Applying Pneumatic Compression Hoisery, Procedure 93 Assisting the Patient to Dangle, Procedure 94 Giving Postmortem Care, Procedure 95 Checking Capillary Refill, Procedure 96 Using a Pulse Oximeter, Procedure 97 Attaching a Humidifier to the Oxygen Flow Meter or Regulator, Procedure 98, Collecting a Sputum Specimen, Procedure 99 Applying and Arm Sling, Procedure 100 Procedure for Continuous Passive Motion, Procedure 101 Performing Range-of-Motion Exercises (Passive), Procedure 102 Obtaining a Fingerstick Blood Sugar, Procedure 103 Testing Urine for Acetone: Ketostixµ Test, Procedure 104 Caring for the Eye Socket and Artificial Eye, Procedure 105 Warm Eye Compresses, Procedure 106 Cool Eye Compresses, Procedure 107 Applying a Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid, Procedure 108 Removing a Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid, Procedure 109 Applying and Removing an in-the-Ear Hearing Aid, Procedure 110 Collecting a Stool Specimen, Procedure 111 Giving a Soap-Solution Enema, Procedure 112 Giving a Commercially Prepared Enema, Procedure 113 Inserting a Rectal Suppository, Procedure 114 Inserting a Rectal Tube and Flatus Bag, Procedure 115 Collecting a Routine Urine Specimen, Procedure 116 Collecting a Clean-Catch Urine Specimen, Procedure 117 Collecting a 24-Hour Urine Specimen, Procedure 118 Testing Urine with the HemaCombistix, Procedure 119 Routine Drainage Check, Procedure 120 Giving Indwelling Catheter Care, Procedure 121 Emptying a Urinary Drainage Tube, Procedure 122 Disconnecting the Catheter,, Procedure 123 Applying a Condom for Urinary Drainage, Procedure 124 Connecting a Catheter to a Leg Bag, Procedure 125 Emptying a Leg Bag, Procedure 126 Breast Self-Examination, Procedure 127 Giving a Nonsterile Vaginal Douche, Procedure 128 Changing a Diaper, Procedure 129 Bathing an Infant, Procedure 130 Admitting a Pediatric Patient, Procedure 131 Weighing the Pediatric Patient, Procedure 132 Changing Crib Linens, Procedure 133 Changing Crib Linens (Infant in Crib), Procedure 134 Measuring Temperature, Procedure 135 Determining Heart Rate (Pulse), Procedure 136 Counting Respiratory Rate, Procedure 137 Measuring Blood Pressure, Procedure 138 Bottle-Feeding an Infant, Procedure 139 Burping (Method A0, Procedure 140 Burping (Method B), Procedure 141 Testing for Occult Blood Using Hemoccultµ and Developer, Procedure 142 Collecting a Urine Specimen Through a Drainage Port, Procedure 143 Removing an Indwelling Catheter, Procedure 144 Giving Routine Stoma Care (Colostomy), Procedure 145 Routine Care of an Ileostomy (with Patient in Bed), Procedure 146 Setting Up a Sterile Field Using a Sterile Drape, Procedure 147 Adding an Item to a Sterile Field, Procedure 148 Adding Liquids to a Sterile Field, Procedure 149 Applying and Removing Sterile Gloves, Procedure 150 Using Transfer Forceps, Procedure 151 Head-Tilt, Chin-Lift Maneuver, Procedure 152 Jaw-Thrust Maneuver, Procedure 153 Mask-to-Mouth Ventilation, Procedure 154 Adult CPR, One Rescuer, Procedure 155 Adult CPR, Two-Person, Procedure 156 Positioning the Patient in the Recovery Position, Procedure 157 Heimlich Maneuver-Abdominal Thrusts, Procedure 158 Assisting the Adult Who Has an Obstructed Airway and Becomes Unconscious, Procedure 159 CPR for Infants, Procedure 160 Obstructed Airway: Conscious Infant, Procedure 161 Obstructed Airway: Unconscious Infant, Procedure 162 CPR for Children, One Rescuer, Procedure 163 Child with Foreign Body Airway Obstruction

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