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The Alpha

  • Couverture cartonnée
  • 160 Nombre de pages
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Darnell Virginia is an average blue-collar worker who turned his life around after enduring the hardships of growing up in a crim... Lire la suite
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Darnell Virginia is an average blue-collar worker who turned his life around after enduring the hardships of growing up in a criminally infested urban area. Although faced with the challenges of the school of hard knocks, Darnell still held a grasp to the questions of Who, What and Why: Who is God? Who is Satan? Who are we? What is God's plan? What is Satan's plan? And lastly, why are we here? That lead him in search of these truths. So the author's objective in writing The Alpha is to allow the reader to not so much see him, but to see his Lord Elohim, who inspired him to write this story, and to understand that through all we face here on earth, God is the beginning and the end.

Texte du rabat

Where Heaven Meets Earth!

The Alpha is a story that answers a question many people have had for generations. We all want to know the truth about who we are and how life on this planet began. The book takes the reader to a place in heaven before time began to understand how the mindset of sin was birthed. It helps us to not only understand Lucifer, the first creature to ever betray God, but know how his actions affected the rest of heaven and the universe to this day.

The Alpha is about identity and purpose, and how Lucifer, in his attempt to overthrow God, wanted both of those to be stripped from God's new creation, mankind. We also get to take a look at who Christ is before He became the man, Jesus, and how He is not only an advocate for us but also plays that role in the heavens as well. As we journey through the mind of the Father and His Son throughout the book, we see that Lucifer's mutiny was a part of God's divine plan all along. When true love counterattacked pure evil in a war for God's throne, mankind was offered a choice. How can people choose to worship God as their Lord and Master, if no other choice beside God was proposed?

Those faithful to God rose up together in the midst of chaos and revolt. Legendary angels, like Michael and Gabriel, took their stance against Lucifer and his demon army. Knowing the strategy of your enemy is the only way one can be truly victorious over them in battle. Every battle we face today, whether physical or emotional, all began in one realm-the spiritual. And that is the reality that your enemy never wants you to know.

Informations sur le produit

Titre: The Alpha
Sous-titre: A Fight for Your Existence
EAN: 9781951561178
ISBN: 1951561171
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: River Birch Press
Genre: Romans et récits
Nombre de pages: 160
Poids: 211g
Taille: H216mm x B140mm x T8mm
Année: 2020
Sous-titre : Englisch