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Unmasking Administrative Evil

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"Broad ranging in its scholarship, this book offers insights about how to think organizationally as well as individually about eth... Lire la suite
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"Broad ranging in its scholarship, this book offers insights about how to think organizationally as well as individually about ethics and the ever-present possibility of evil manifesting itself in public life. Guy Adams and Danny Balfour throw new light on numerous examples of administrative evil, from the administration of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany to the post-war U.S. space program and the development of a bureaucratic culture that contributed to the Challenger explosion." -- Bruce Jennings, Director of Bioethics, Center for Humans & Nature "This is not a safe nor a comfortable book, but it is a difficult one to ignore or neglect. The authors provide nothing less than moral and intellectual coherence for a series of powerful, but disparate, critiques of the field of public administration. They accomplish this feat with vivid writing and great economy, while also leading the reader to grapple with a credible alternative approach to today's dominant models of how government does and should work." -- William M. Sullivan, Wabash College "Unmasking Administrative Evil is a troubling book, but a very important one that is essential reading. Using the Holocaust as "the signal event in human history that unmasks the reality of administrative evil," the authors illuminate the very real problem of how contemporary administrative arrangements can and do mask evil. Guy Adams and Danny Balfour are to be congratulated for this pathbreaking, fascinating, highly readable, and convincing study. We will all be much better off if the public administration community takes it to heart." -- David H. Rosenbloom, American University "Adams and Balfour have proved a well-crafted study on the 'other side' of administrative ethics. Scholars have been so preoccupied with trying to understand what 'good' we are trying to motivate that we have often forgotten what evil we are trying to prevent. Looking at the underside of ethics, the authors provide us with a far richer and more meaningful understanding of why the study of public administration ethics is so important." -- Stuart C. Gilman, Global Integrity Group

Guy B. Adams is Professor Emeritus in the Harry S. Truman School of Public Affairs at the University of Missouri, USA. Danny L. Balfour is Professor in the School of Public and Nonprofit Administration and a faculty fellow of the Honors College at Grand Valley State University, USA.

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Unmasking Administrative Evil discusses the overlooked relationship between evil and public affairs, as well as other fields and professions in public life.

Acknowledgments Introduction and Overview 1. The Dynamics of Evil and Administrative Evil 2. Compliance, Technical Rationality, and Administrative Evil 3. Administrative Evil Unmasked: The Holocaust and Public Service 4. Administrative Evil Masked: From Mittelbau-Dora and Peenemunde to the Marshall Space Flight Center 5. Organizational Dynamics and Administrative Evil: The Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA, and the Space Shuttles Challenger and Columbia 6. Public Policy and Administrative Evil 7. Administrative Evil in the Twenty-First Century: Abu Ghraib, Moral Inversion, and Torture Policy 8. Administrative Evil and Public Ethics in Praetorian Times 9. Afterword: Expiating Evil and Administrative Evil Appendix A. Foreword to the Third Edition, Philip G. Zimbardo Appendix B. Foreword to the Second Edition, Charles B. Perrow Appendix C. Foreword to the First Edition, Curtis Ventriss References Index About the Authors

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Titre: Unmasking Administrative Evil
Code EAN: 9780765642912
ISBN: 978-0-7656-4291-2
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Taylor and Francis
Genre: Sciences politiques
nombre de pages: 248
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Année: 2014
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