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Complications in Uveitis

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This book will focus for the first time on how to avoid complications of uveitis, or how to deal with them either surgically or me... Lire la suite
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This book will focus for the first time on how to avoid complications of uveitis, or how to deal with them either surgically or medically. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that all other books available on the subject of uveitis concentrate on pathogenesis, natural course, diagnosis and treatment of the uveitic entity itself, barely touching complications arising from inflammation.

This book will be divided in chapters, each of them concentrating on a particular portion of the eye, from front to back, and how it can get affected by complications from inflammation. Inflammatory diseases causing these complications will be just superficially touched, the main focus will be the pathogenesis of the actual complication, prevention and treatment. Every chapter will be introduced by a section by a uveitis specialist on how inflammation can cause that particular complication, and how we can avoid it. Then a specialist in the sector (cornea surgeon, glaucoma surgeon, etc) will describe management of the complication. This multi-disciplinary approach to complications of uveitis will provide to the readers the tools to prevent them, or to correctly manage the. It will be a book mainly directed to uveitis specialist but that could also interest other specialists.

Explores aspects of secondary conditions aggravating uveitis

Being of interest for uveitis specialists, cornea and glaucoma, specialists, and cataract and retina surgeons alike

Presents versatile approaches on treatments of ocular inflammations


Francesco Pichi is a Retina and Uveitis specialist at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and Professor of Ophthalmology at Case Wester Reserve University (USA).

He graduated summa cum laude from the Alma Mater Studiorum of the Univeristy of Bologna and went on to pursue his ophthalmology residency at the University of Milan under the mentorship of Prof Giovanni Staurenghi. He underwent a preceptorship in uveitis and ocular immunology at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute (University of Miami, USA). He has pursued a two years' fellowship with Dr Careen Lowder at Cole Eye Institute (Cleveland Clinic, USA) in uveitis and ocular inflammations and infections.

Dr Pichi has to his credit more than 100 presentations in both international and national conferences and 80 peer reviewed publications. He has authored 11 chapters in various text books. He was awarded for the best paper and best poster presentation at American Academy of Ophthalmology 2015 and 2017, and also received the International Ophthalmology Educational Award from AAO in 2016 and the AAO Achievement Award in 2018.

He is a reviewer of various peer reviewed international ophthalmology journals.

Piergiorgio Neri graduated summa cum laude from the University of Ancona Medical School in 2000. He obtained specialist diploma in ophthalmology with summa cum laude at the University of Ancona in 2004 and his PhD in neuroscience in 2007. Dr Neri was Honorary Research Fellow in Uveitis at the Eye Department, University of Aberdeen, scientist visitor at the University of Tübingen and Visiting Professor at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. In 2010 he was named Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at the Polytechnic University of Marche-Ancona. Dr Neri was honorary clinical ocular immunology consultant and medical retina consultant at the Ospedali Riuniti "Umberto I-GM Lancisi-G Salesi" of Ancona. He acted as director of the Ocular Immunology Service at the Ospedali Riuniti "Umberto I-GM Lancisi-G Salesi" of Ancona since 2007. Dr Neri has recently joined the Clevelan Clinic in Abu Dhabi (UAE) as Board Cerified Consultant/Staff Physician and Professor of Ophthalmology at Case Wester Reserve University (USA)..

Dr Neri is the Secretary General of the Society for Ophthalmo-Immunoinfectiology in Europe (SOIE) since 2008. Dr Neri has served EVER as Section Program Secretary for Immunology/Microbiology Section since 2010 and became Section President in 2016.

Dr Neri is also listed in the panel of experts of the European Medicine Agency (EMA) and Italian Pharmaceutical Agency (AIFA).

Dr Neri is author and co-author of more than 130 national and international publications, including original articles, editorials, reviews, book chapters, monographs and abstracts. Dr Neri acts as Editor-in-Chief of International Ophthalmology.


CORNEA COMPLICATIONS FROM UVEITIS.- Band keratopathy.- Limbal stem cells deficiency.- Herpetic corneal opacities.- IRIS COMPLICATIONS FROM UVEITIS.- Synechiae.- Topical medical management of iris synechiae.- Intrasurgical management of iris synechiae.- LENS COMPLICATIONS FROM UVEITIS.- Pathogenesis of cataract in uveitis patients.- Uveitis etiologies associated with cataract development.- Inflammation control before planning cataract surgery.- Preoperative management.- Surgical treatment.- IOL vs non IOL.- Secondary IOLs.- Postoperative management.- Management of postoperative complications.- Fibrin reaction.- CILIARY PROCESSES COMPLICATIONS FROM UVEITIS.- UBM for ciliary processes evaluation Ciliary body cysts.- Ciliary processes atrophy.- Hypotony in uveitis.- GLAUCOMA.- Hypertensive uveitis.- Causes of glaucoma in uveitis.- Open angle glaucoma.- Angle closure glaucoma.- Medical management of uveitic glaucoma.- Surgical management of uveitis glaucoma.- INFLAMMATORY CHOROIDAL NEOVASCULAR MEMBRANES AND INFLAMMATORY DEPOSITS.- Pathogenesis of iCNV.- Multimodal imaging of iCNV.- Treatment of iCNV.- CYSTOID MACULAR EDEMA.- Pathophysiology of uveitic macular edema.- Differential diagnosis of uveitis macular edema.- Multimodal imaging of uveitic macular edema.- Treatment of uveitic macular edema.- Anti-VEGF.- EPIRETINAL MEMBRANES AND SUBRETINAL FIBROSIS.- RETINAL DETACHMENT SECONDARY TO UVEITIS.- Principal uveitis conditions at risk of retinal detachment.- Prevention of retinal detachment.- Surgical planning.- reoperative management.- Surgical techniques.- Postoperative management.- Endoscopy.- Retinal and chorioretinal biopsies.

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