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Carlos Plummer is a professor at California State University - Sacramento. Texte du rabat Physical Geology, 16th edition, is the ... Lire la suite
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Carlos Plummer is a professor at California State University - Sacramento.

Texte du rabat

Physical Geology, 16th edition, is the latest refinement of a classic introductory text that has helped countless students learn basic physical geology concepts for over 25 years. Students taking introductory physical geology to fulfill a science elective, as well as those contemplating a career in geology, will appreciate the accessible writing style and depth of coverage in Physical Geology. Hundreds of carefully rendered illustrations and accompanying photographs correlate perfectly with the chapter descriptions to help readers quickly grasp new geologic concepts. Numerous chapter learning tools and a website further assist students in their study of physical geology.


Chapter 1: Introducing Geology, the Essentials of Plate Tectonics, and Other Important Concepts

Chapter 2: Atoms, Elements and Minerals

Chapter 3: Igneous Rocks, the Origin and Evolution of Magma, and Intrusive Activity

Chapter 4: Volcanism and Extrusive Rocks

Chapter 5: Weathering and Soil

Chapter 6: Sediment and Sedimentary Rocks

Chapter 7: Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks

Chapter 8: Time and Geology

Chapter 9: Mass Wasting

Chapter 10: Streams and Floods

Chapter 11: Ground Water

Chapter 12: Glaciers and Glaciation

Chapter 13: Deserts and Wind Action

Chapter 14: Waves, Beaches, and Coasts

Chapter 15: Geologic Structures

Chapter 16: Earthquakes

Chapter 17: Earth's Interior and Geophysical Properties

Chapter 18: The Sea Floor

Chapter 19: Plate Tectonics-The Unifying Theory

Chapter 20: Mountain Belts and the Continental Crust

Chapter 21: Global Climate Change

Chapter 22: Resources

Chapter 23: The Earth's Companions

Appendix A: Identification of Minerals

Appendix B: Identification of Rocks

Appendix C: The Elements Most Significant to Geology

Appendix D: Periodic Table of Elements

Appendix E: Selected Conversion Factors

Appendix F: Rock Symbols

Appendix G: Commonly Used Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots

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Année: 2018
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