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Pinnacle City

  • Couverture cartonnée
  • 312 Nombre de pages
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ldquo;In this skillfully constructed secondary-world noir novel, having superpowers isn’t always so super, and everyone has ... Lire la suite
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ldquo;In this skillfully constructed secondary-world noir novel, having superpowers isn’t always so super, and everyone has something to hide. . . . By allowing everyone to be a little morally grey, Carter and Titchenell spin a superhero story with staying power.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

A rollicking take on the all-American superhero tale. It’s Stan Lee meets Dashiell Hammett, with just a little Clive Barker thrown in for good measure.”
—Scott Kenemore, author of The Grand Hotel and Zombie, Ohio

“Lively and endearing, funny and hip, Pinnacle City puts gumshoe to cape and in a fantastic adult alternate history throbbing with modern pop-cultural conflict and absurdities.”
—Johnny Worthen, award-winning author of The Finger Trap

Matt Carter & Fiona J.R. Titchenell are married sci-fi, horror, and YA writers, who together have co-authored The Prospero Chronicles series. Matt has also written Almost Infamous: A Supervillain Novel, while Fiona has written Confessions of the Very First Zombie Slayer (That I Know Of). They live in sunny San Gabriel, California, with their pet king snake Mica.

To some people, Pinnacle City is a glittering metropolis, a symbol of prosperity watched over by the all-star superhero team, the Pinnacle City Guardians. But beneath the glitz and glamour is a gritty underbelly, one still feeling the physical and economic damage of the superhero-villain battles of generations past, where the lower class—immigrants, criminals, aliens, sorcerers, and non-humans alike—jostle and elbow for scraps to scrape by on.

Private investigator Eddie Enriquez is an ex-con and veteran with powers of his own who still bears the scars of his time as a minion for a low-level supervillain. Good work’s been hard to come by until a mysterious woman shows up at his office with a case the police and superheroes are ignoring: the suspicious death of a prominent non-human rights activist.

Meanwhile, superhero Kimberly Kline, a.k.a. Solar Flare, has just hit it big, graduating to the Pinnacle City Guardians. With good looks, incredible superpowers, and a family name that opens doors, the sky is the limit. But in trying to make the world a better place . . . she’ll discover Pinnacle City isn’t as black and white as it once seemed.

From the minds of Matt Carter and Fiona J. R. Titchenell, Pinnacle City is a pulpy, throwback noir of yesteryear, where two people from opposite sides of the track must team up to do good in a world full of bad.

Informations sur le produit

Titre: Pinnacle City
Sous-titre: A Superhero Noir
Code EAN: 9781945863165
ISBN: 978-1-945863-16-5
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Simon & Schuster N.Y.
Genre: Science fiction et fantaisie
nombre de pages: 312
Poids: 352g
Taille: H210mm x B140mm x T20mm
Année: 2018