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Cardiac Rehabilitation

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This volume offers state-of-the-art information and serves as a manual to providers about the multidisciplinary nature of cardiac ... Lire la suite
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This volume offers state-of-the-art information and serves as a manual to providers about the multidisciplinary nature of cardiac rehabilitation in the current era, the current state of cardiac rehabilitation, and the issues presenting to current CR programs.

The era of cardiac rehabilitation in the United States dates back at least thirty years, when Herman Hellerstein at Case Western Reserve, Andy Wallace at Duke and Ken Cooper in Dallas envisioned that a comprehensive lifestyle approach to the rehabi- tation and prevention of patients having had a cardiac event would potentially yield great benefits for the individual patient and the health care system. Until that time, the thought of vigorous exercise in the cardiac patient soon after an event was close to anathema. One of us (WEK) was introduced to Herman Hellerstein in Cleveland in the late 1960's, when his father sought medical opinion from him for a cardiac condition. WEK was introduced to Andy Wallace in 1979 by which time the latter had started a multidisciplinary, geographically regional cardiac rehabilitation program at Duke based upon consultations with Hellerstein and Cooper. By then, cardiac rehab- itation was progressing beyond the vision of exercise only, and since then the concept of cardiac rehabilitation has grown into the comprehensive multidisciplinary program that we know today and that we attempt to describe in this volume. The practice of cardiac rehabilitation has grown and metamorphosed in the last thirty years in parallel with the growth and metamorphosis of the practice of card- vascular medicine. During the formative stages of cardiac rehabilitation, the use of coronary care units was in its infancy. The coronary artery bypass operation was less than ten years old. The LIMA bypass had not been invented.

Contains theoretical and practical, up-to-date cardiac rehabilitation information, including the new Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines for reimbursement

Includes diverse, comprehensive chapters, from nutrition to programmatic issues

Serves as a perfect resource for staff and directors that are new to cardiac rehabilitation or wish to begin a program

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Cardiac rehabilitation can be extremely complex art.  In Cardiac Rehabilitation, expert authors provide state-of-the-art information that serves as a manual to the multidisciplinary nature of cardiac rehabilitation in the current era, the current state of cardiac rehabilitation, and the issues facing current CR programs. Covering the major components of a CR program, including medical therapy, exercise, nutrition, and behavioral therapy, from referral to testing to individualizing the program for the participants, the volume is a thorough, vital guide to this important field.

Comprehensive and substantial, Cardiac Rehabilitiation will aid cardiologists and internal specialists greatly in saving the lives of heart patients across the globe.

Current Concepts in Cardiology: Cardiac Rehabilitation Chapter topic (and assigned editor) Pages Authors 0. Acknowledgements Kraus 1. Introduction and Overview (Kraus and Keteyian) (3-5) Kraus and Keteyian 2. Exerc. Prescript. Principles (Keteyian) (15-20) Keteyian (Henry Ford Hosp., Detroit) III. Nutrition 3. Contemporary Diets (Kraus) (15-20) Gene Erb, Jr. (Gene) Clinical Dietician Duke University Medical Center Julie Pruitt (Julie) ActivHealth Coordinator Duke University Medical Center Duke Center for Living 4. Weight management (Keteyian) (15) Jon Ehrman, (Henry Ford Hosp., Detroit) IV. Behavioral 5. Anxiety & Depression (Kraus) (10) Krista Barbour, Ph.D. (Krista) Clinical Associate Medical Psychiatry Duke University Medical Center 6. Stress management (Kraus) (7) Ruth Quillian-Wolever, Ph.D. (Ruth) Assistant Clinical Professor Medical Psychiatry Duke Center for Integrative Medicine Duke University Medical Center 7. Readiness for Change (Kraus) (12-15) Charlotte Collins, Ph.D. (Charlotte) 8. Smoking Cessation (Kraus) (15) Jennifer Davis, M.S. (Jennifer) Clinical Psychologist Duke Center for Living Duke University Medical Center V. Testing 9. Purposes of Exerc. Testing (Kraus) (12) William E. Kraus (Duke, Durham) 10. GXT (Keteyian) (10) Clinton Brawner, B.S. (Henry Ford Hosp., Detroit) 11. CPX testing (Kraus) (10) Daniel R. Bensimhon, M.D. (Dan) Associate in Medicine 12. Six minute Walk (Keteyian) (10) Vera Bittner, M.D. University of Alabama VI. Medical Therapy 13. Treating to Goal, Lipids (Kraus) (15) Christie Ballantyne (Christie) Ryan Neal Director, Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Methodist DeBakey Heart Center 14. Treating to Goal: Diabetes and (10-12) Neil Gordon, M.D., Ph.D. HTN (Keteyian) INTERVENT USA, Inc. VII. Exercise and cardiac populations 15. Angina, IHD, CABG, PCI, CT, HF (20) John Schairer, D.O. Steven Keteyian (Keteyian) (Henry Ford Hosp., Detroit) VIII. Exercise and Co-morbidities 16. Hypertension (Keteyian) (10) Dalynn Badenhop, Ph.D. (Medical Coll. of Ohio, Toledo) 17. Diabetes (Kraus) (10) Jennifer B. Green, M.D. Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nutrition Department of Medicine Duke University Medical Center 18. Pulmonary Disease (Kraus) (10) Neil R. Macintyre, M.D. (Neil) Professor, Department of Medicine Division of Pulmonary Medicine Duke University Medical Center 19. PAD (Keteyian) (12) Chris Womack, Ph.D. 20. Arthritis (Kraus) (10) Kimberly Huffman, M.D., Ph.D. (Kim) Duke University Medical Center 21. Elderly (Keteyian) (10-12) Dan E. Forman, M.D. (Brigham and Women's Hospital) IX. Programmatic 22. Referrals (Keteyian) (10) Linda K. Hall, Ph.D. 23. Physician's Role (Keteyian) (8-12) Phil Ades, M.D. (University of Vermont) 24. Assessment and Treatment of Risk in CR and in the Clinic (Kraus) (15-20) 25. Staffing models (Keteyian) (10) Greg Lawson, MS (Providence Everett Med Ctr., WA) 26. Billing and Reimbursement (10) Pat Comoss, RN (Keteyian) (Nursing Enrichment Consult., PA)

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Titre: Cardiac Rehabilitation
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Editeur: Humana Press
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Année: 2007
Auflage: 2007

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