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Turkey Armenian Relations

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Seminar paper from the year 2012 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: Near East, Near Orient, grade: 1,3, la... Lire la suite
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Seminar paper from the year 2012 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: Near East, Near Orient, grade: 1,3, language: English, abstract: 1 1. Introduction Armenian-Turkish relations have been strained by a number of historical and political issues and the current status of this relations can traced back to the last moments of the Ottoman Empire and to be more specific to the massacres on the Armenians living in this empire. According to available historical records and depending on the point of view, between 1915 and 1923, more between 300.000 and more than one million Armenians were killed by the Ottoman authorities. In the last years Armenia and its diaspora has campaigned heavily for international recognition of the killings. The modern Turkish state, the successor states of the Ottoman Empire, has repeatedly and heavily refused to acknowledge the Armenian interpretation of events. The Turkish government insists that the circumstances and the actually happening in this period of time were different and less horrific than the Armenian version is telling. Most recently the bilateral relations between Armenia and Turkey took another serious nosedive in the wake of the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan at the beginning of the 1990s. As a loyal supporter of the Azerbaijan Turkey froze its diplomatic relations with Armenia and closed its common border. These two historical events and their consequences strain the relationship between the two neighboring states, which still have no formal diplomatic relation and Recent attempts of the international community to normalize the relations failed. In this submitted term paper the historical development of the relationship between Armenia and Turkey supposed to be shown, whereas a special emphasis is put on the massacre on the Armenians in 1914/1915 and the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. These two events play a crucial and decisiv

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