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Westminster Cook-Book. Every Recipe Tried And Proved

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Texte du rabat PREFACE. THE sermons here published were all, with a single exception, preached at Westminster, either in the Abbey... Lire la suite
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PREFACE. THE sermons here published were all, with a single exception, preached at Westminster, either in the Abbey or in S. Margarets, between the years 1904 and 1910. The solitary exception is the sermon, A Law of Liberty, which was preached in S. Cuthberts, Edinburgh, on the invitation of the minister, Dr. McGregor. To the sermons on Anglicanism I have added three papers, which treat of some aspects of the urgent question of Reunion, which could not easily be dealt with in the pulpit. Such unity as this volume possesses consists in the conception of Christianity which it exhibits from various points of view, and which, as I am persuaded, is properly characteristic of the National Church of England, though, in recent years, obscured and generally disowned. On the recovery and re-establishment of the older Anglicanism much depends. The question of Reunion, which has filled so large a place in religious discussions during recent years, would at once enter a more hopeful phase, if the prohibitive condition now insisted upon by Anglican authorities in spite of Anglican history which might seem to disallow it as involving self-stultification were abandoned and negotiations with the other Reformed Churches were undertaken on a basis of recognized Preface Christian Fraternity. Such recognition, however, involves Intercommunion, and in the present state of feeling among the Anglican clergy necessitates a large sacrifice of prejudices and preferences. Yet I do not despair of persuading my brethren to make that sacrifice, if once they will consent to consider with open minds the situation in which we stand as Christians, and the special responsibilities which rest on us as English Churchmen. H.H. H. CONTENTS 1. 11. 111. IV. v. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. XIII. XIV. xv. XVI. CHRISTIAN HISTORY A TONIC FOR FAILING HEARTS THE HISTORIC EPISCOPATE AND INTERCOMMUNION THINGS ESSENTIAL AND NON-ESSENTIAL . INTERCOMMUNION AND REUNION . ANGLICANISM AND REUNION THE ORIGINAL GOSPEL. S. CYPRIAN. RICHARD BAXTER . I1 THEOLOGICAL AND ECCLESIASTICAL PAGE I I JESUS OR CHRIST, . 127 OLD RELIGION AND NEW THEOLOGY . 43 THE FAILURE OF TRADITION. 55 RABBINISM AND FRATERNITY . 166 THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH . 176 THE UNITY OF THE SPIRIT . . 187 THE BIBLE, l97 THE CHRISTIAN AMINISTRY . . 209 vii Contents SOCIAL AND NATIONAL PAGE XVII. CHRISTIANITY AND SOCIETY . . 223 XVIII. THE SOCIAL INFLUENCE OF CHRISTIANITY . 233 XIX. THE CHRISTIANS DUTY TO RESPECT THE GENERAL CONSCIENCE. . 245 XX. THE NOBILITY OF THE BERCEANS . 257 XXI. THE REDEMPTION OF NATIONALITY . . 269 XXII. CHRIST AND NATIONALITY . . 280 XXIII. A LAW OF LIBERTY . . 289 XXIV. ANARCHISM . 3 0 2 ANGLICANISM CHRISTIAN HISTORY A TONIC FOR FAILING HEARTS l GOD IS OUR REFUGE AND STRENGTH, A VERY PRESENT HELP IN TROUBLE, THEREFORE WILL WE NOT FEAR, THOUGH THE EARTH DO CHANGE, AND THOUGH THE hlOUNTAINS BE MOVED IN THE HEART OF THE SEAS THOUGH THE WATERS THEREOF ROAR AND BE TROUBLED, THOUGH THE MOUNTAINS SHAKE WITH THE SWELLING THEREOF, THE LORD OF HOSTS IS WITH US THE GOD OF JACOB IS OUR REFUGE. PSALM xl vi. 1-3, 11. SUCH words as these, perhaps, best serve to utter what is in our minds to-day, when we send our thoughts far. backwards over thirteen centuries, and link together solemn thanksgiving with renewed endeavours to sustain and extend the work of Christ in this great capital. On the whole I find history a wonderful tonic for failing courage, and, perhaps, this commemoration of the refounding of the bishopric of London has fallen very suitably for our needs in a time of manifold anxiety. To speak only of what will be universally allowed, I may name two subjects which have loomed large in l Preached in S...

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