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Texte du rabat THE PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE UNDER DIFFICULTIES -- CONTENTS. CHAPTER I. Page INTRODUCTIONN. ewton Galileo Torricelli Pa... Lire la suite
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THE PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE UNDER DIFFICULTIES -- CONTENTS. CHAPTER I. Page INTRODUCTIONN. ewton Galileo Torricelli Pascal Prince Rupe1.1 Montgolfier. Self-education, . 1 CHAPTER 11. Strength ofllre Passion for Knowledge. Pythagoras Archimedes Leibnitz Galileo Heyne . ., l D CHAPTER 111. Humble Station no Obstacle. Epictetus Protagoras Cleanthes Haiiy Wincltelman Arnigio Duva1.-Affectation of high birth. Bandinelli Sca1iger.-Men proud of their low Origin. Protogones Bandouin Ge1li.-Obscure origin. Metastasio Haydn Opie Porini Prideaux Saunders Linnaeus Lornonosoff B. Jonsoo the Milners John Hunter.-Application of Examples. 31 CHAPTER IV. Artists rising from thelower to the higher branches. B. Cellini Q. Matsys Ibbetson Kent lowue Kirby Schiavooi Hogarth Sharp Thew Cas1on.-Late learners. Crornwell Sir W. Jones Cato Censor Alfred Moliere Valerianus Vondel Pitot Pauctan Ogilby . . ., . . r . 56 vi CONTENTS. CHAPTER V. Page Early Age of Great Men. ShortTerm of their Lives. Newton Gregory Torricelli Pascal Cowper Burns Byron Sydney Otway Colliufi Mozart Raphael Correggio Politian Mirandola . . . . 71 CHAPTER VI, Self-educated Men. T. Simpson . . . . 87 CHAPTER VII. self-educated Men continued. E. Stone J. Stone.-Pursuit of Knowledge and Business united. Cicero Jones Caesar Scipio Polybius Frederick 11. Sully De Thou More Selden Hale Qrotius, . 99 6 . CHAPTER VIII. Literary Pursuits of Soldiers.-Descartes B. Jonsou Buchanan Cervantes. - Of Sailors. Dampier Davis Drury Falconer Oiordani Fransham Oswald Co lumbus Cook Vancouver Collingwood . . 123 CHAPTER 1X. Literary Pursuits of Merchants. Solon Guys D. North Ricardo . . . . . . . 137 CHAPTER X. Literary Pursuits of Boo isellers and Printers.Gesner Aldus Manutius, Paul, and Aldlis the Younger R. Stephens H. Stephens Scapula Colinzus Badis Froben Oporinus Ruddiman Bowyer- Nichols, Richtkdson . . . . ., . . . 4 153 CaAPTER XI. Page Booksellers and Printers continued. W. Hutton R. Dodsley Almon Cruden the Panckoucltes Rothscholtz Bay ford Ames Herbert Patterson.-Literary Pursuits in other Trades. Walton Defoe LilIo 172 CHAPTER XII. Self-educated men continued. Ferguson.-Influence of accident in directing pursuits. Rennie, Linnreils Vernet Caravaggio Tassie Chatterton Harrison Edwards Villars Joly Jourdan Bandinelli Palissy . 196 CHAPTER XIII. arlyLireofFranklin . . . ., .217 CHAPTER XIV. Life OF Frartklin conlinued . . . .232 CHAPTER XY. Account of Eranklins Electrical Discoveries . . . 244 CHAPTER X V l . Devotion to Knowledge in extreme poverty. Erasmus Kepler Schaeffer Bullinger Musculus Postellus Castalio Adcian VI. Perrier Claude Lorraine Salvator Rosa Marmontel Hoche Lagrange Dr. Johnson Dr. Parr Spagnoletto Le Jay Castell Davies Tytler William Davy.-In exile and Imprisonment. Ovid Boethius Buchanan Tasso Smart Maggi Le Maistre Lorenzini Prynne Madame Rolaad Raleigh Lady Jane Grey j James I. of Scotlaed Lovelace . . . . . . 264 viii CONTZNTS. Page Natural Defecls overcome. Demosthenes De Beaumont Navarete Saunderson Rugendas Diodotus Didymus Eusebius Nicaise De Pagan Galileo Euler Moyes . . . . . . . . 284 C13APrrER XVIlI. Difficulties occasioned by Blindness conquered. Homer Milton Salinas Stanley Metcalf Henry the Minstrel Scapinelli Blacklock Anna Williams Huber 301 CHAPTER XIX. Account of James Brindley Canals . . . . 318 CHAPTER X X . Knowledge of Languages. Magliabecchi Hill Wild Aram Purver Pendrell . . . . . 3 42 CHAPTER XXT. Force of Application. Dr. Alexander Murray 361 CHAPTBIt XXII. Self-tuition. Shakspeare Burns . ...

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Année: 2007


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