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One Hundred Years With Cornwallis Baptists

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Texte du rabat C O N T E N T S . CHAPTER I. The Centennial Services, - CHAPTER I I I. Historical Sketch, CHAPTER IV. OK-Slloots, -... Lire la suite
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C O N T E N T S . CHAPTER I. The Centennial Services, - CHAPTER I I I. Historical Sketch, CHAPTER IV. OK-Slloots, - C I I . I ITEIZ V. Church 13uildillgs, CII IPTEVR I. The Pastorate, CII, II TERV II. The Diaconate, CII. II TER V 1 I I. . Vorlters Sent Out, CIIXPTE I I x . Old Time Customs, - I I A I T E I X . The Church of the Present, - I N T R O D U C T O R Y . N planning for the celebration of the Centennial of the First Cornwallis Baptist Church, it nras deemed wise to have the proceedings published. Accordingly the undersigned . ere appointed a committee to oversee the vorli. After some time, which has been spent in gathering material, the work has been done, and is sent forth in the hope that it may contribute to the interest and profit of all who read it. The purpose of the committee has been two-fold, first to put into the hands of the present generation facts in connection with the sources of the churchs life and seconclly to preseri7e these facts for future generations. The publishers are indebted to a number of the members of the church, and to brethren outside, for valuable assistance. Of the latter Dr. S. 13. I empton has contributed the sketch of the deceased deacons Rev. Alfred Chipman that of the Ber viclt church Mr. M. F. 3ZcCutcheoi1, the Billtoivn church R Ir. V. AI. Sanford the lereaus church and Dr. Edwin CroweIl, the Canni lgC hurch. The chapter on Old Tzjne Cz sto u is s from Dr. J. I-I. Saunders. As history is largely a biography of men, the committee has endeavoured to emphasize thc liives of those who ha-e filled the prominent places. Hut thej a re conscioi s that many-the pastors and deacons ivives the S. S. Superintendents and teachers, the mothers, and thernembers who have giiren of their time, money and prayers in the chl rchs interests have had to be omitted. The complete record, ho. vever, is on high, and some day it will be manifest.

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Titre: One Hundred Years With Cornwallis Baptists
Sous-titre: Centenary Of The First Cornwallis Baptist Church
Code EAN: 9781408646939
ISBN: 1408646935
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