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Major Problems Of United States Foreign Policy 1950-1951

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Texte du rabat MAJOR PROBLEMS OF UNITED STATES FOREIGN POLICY 1950-1951 Prepared by the Staff of THE INTERNATIONAL STUDIES GROUP O... Lire la suite
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MAJOR PROBLEMS OF UNITED STATES FOREIGN POLICY 1950-1951 Prepared by the Staff of THE INTERNATIONAL STUDIES GROUP OF THE BROOKINGS INSTITUTION WASHINGTON, D. C. 1950 COPYRIGHT 1950 BY THE BROOKINCS INSTITUTION Set up and printed Published September 1950 Printed in the United States of America George Banta Publishing Company Menasha, Wisconsin Foreword IN 1946 the Brookings Institution inaugurated a broad program of re search and education in the field of international relations, focused on the study of the current foreign policies of the United States. The general approach is the analysis and interpretation of the main developments in world affairs that give rise to these policies and of the major problems that confront the United States in connection with them. The program constitutes an expansion of the Institutions earlier eiiorts in the inter national field and is based on a continuing policy of selecting for investiga tion and study problems that have a direct bearing on the national in terests of the United States. In undertaking the program, the Institution has two primary objec tives to aid in the development of an informed and responsible American public opinion on foreign policy and to contribute toward a more realistic training of the increasing number of American specialists in international relations that arc required today in the Goveinmcnt, in business, and in other agencies operating abroad. The Institution hopes to play a part in meeting these objectives by providing in its publications a type of analysis of major problems of United States foreign policy that is not usually found in specialized textbooks and general treatises on the subject, and by arranging conferencesdesigned to stimulate discussion based on this type of analysis. For the purpose of carrying out the program, the Institution has or ganized a part of its staff into an International Studies Ciroup, composed of specialists in various fields of international relations in general and of United States foreign policy in particular. The Group, which is directed by Leo Pasvolsky, is engaged in a series of investigations on major develop ments in the field of foreign affairs, the results of which are made available in the form of books and pamphlets. In addition, the Group prepares an annual analytical survey of the major problems of United States foreign policy, of which the present volume is the fourth, and a monthly summary of current developments in United States foreign policy. It also conducts in various parts of the country annual seminars and other conferences for teachers of international relations. The scope of the program is made possible by special grants of funds from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York, which supplement the Institutions own resources available for this purpose. Grateful acknowledgment is made of the assistance generously given by these foundations. HAROLD G. Moui roN President Directors Preface THE present volume is the fourth in a series of annual analytical surveys of the major problems of United States foreign policy. In these surveys, an attempt is made to present an over-all view of the world situation and of the position of the United States in world affairs, and to examine the main problems of foreign policy that loom ahead. The method of presen tation has a twofold purpose to illustrate a technique for the study of theforeign relations of the United States closely approximating that used by government officials in the formulation of foreign policies and to fur nish working materials as an aid to the reader in acquiring a knowledge of the nature of the policy-making process. It is hoped that the surveys may be useful in the teaching of international relations and, more particu larly, in the training of competent American specialists in foreign affairs...

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Titre: Major Problems Of United States Foreign Policy 1950-1951
Code EAN: 9781406732740
ISBN: 1406732745
Format: Couverture cartonnée
nombre de pages: 432
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Année: 2007


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