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Jubilee Volume 1842-1892

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Texte du rabat THE ARCHDIOCESE OF TORONTO AND ILLUSTRATED. TORONTO Oeo. T. Drxox, PUBLISHEK. - 1892. -- While we leave the introdu... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

THE ARCHDIOCESE OF TORONTO AND ILLUSTRATED. TORONTO Oeo. T. Drxox, PUBLISHEK. - 1892. -- While we leave the introduction of our work to abler hands, we feel that a word from the Committee to whom the preparation of this volume was entrusted is not out of place the more so, as the Archbishop, in his remarks, has omitted to touch upon one of the notable events which this book is intended to commemorate, viz the Silver Jubilee of his own consecration as Bishop. Dr. Walsh, who was elevated to the episcopal rank on the 10th of November, 1867, has, by his labors extending over quarter of a century, well entitled himself to a lasting regard in the memory of his people. And no more favorable opportunity could be presented of reviewing a life replete with honor for its subject and good for those amongst whom it has been cast, than the auspicious occasion when we also glance back upon the first golden tide of our family history as children of this Metropolitan See. This also must be considered that twenty-two years of his Graces distinguished career have been passed away from Toronto. His life, therefore, occupies a special place in this volume it is not so much history of the archdiocese, as a biographical sketch, and rightly serves to divide, according to our title page, our volume into two parts, the first of which is more directly intended as a lasting tribute to our venerable Father in Christ. The other aims, scope and purposes of the work, the mode of prepara- tion, as well as the moral lessons to be derived from its perusal, are clearly set forth by his Grace in the Introduction to which we shall add a brief note concerning the Editors more direct task of preparing the notices of theparishes. These are founded upon sketches which were supplied by the incumbents of last year 1891. Some of the noteswere meagre on account of the pastors not being acquainted with the early history of the diocese and also because of tlie very simllicity of those times. Visiting families nrho trere scattered through tlie deptlis of a Canadian forest, superintending tlie erection of a log chapel, instructing once or insice a year a settlement of pious people, are deeds apostolic in their cliaracter and most important in their results but they afford little variety for the historian and call fort11 little enthusiasm in a materialistic age. As far as ossille ne have carefully compared and re-mritten these reports in order to avoid discrepancies and repetittons. Ve return our thanks to his Grace the Arclllisllol, wlio has been our support tlirougliout, and to tlie generous priests of the archdiocese whose co-operation has enabled us to place tlie book before the public. We are also grateful to our many friends who have otherwise aided us wit11 material for the more comllete success of tlie vorli in hand. Yith this parting word ire commend ourselves and our labors to the consideration of our readers, In the hope that they mill not be entirely dissatisfied with tlie Jubilee lolume. J. l. TEEFY, Edifor. THE CLERGY THE ARCIIDIOCESE OF TORONTO, 1592., . 1 HIS IUST lil. XICHBISHOJ 41.511. .Ionsiplore F. I-. Kooley. .. G. .................. St. AInr.s, Torollto. Very liev. J. J. SlcCanl, . G ...................... St. Xliclinels Cathedrtl, Toronto. Rev. hllain, L. A. H. ................................. St.Cntliariles. ery Rev. Iergin, V.. Dean ........................ Harrie. 1it.r. Beaudoin, F.J. ................................. Lafo11tai.ilc. Best. I. F., 0 . C. U. ........................... Xiagara Inlls. Best. 1. A., 0. C. C. .............................

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Titre: Jubilee Volume 1842-1892
Sous-titre: The Archdiocese Of Toronto And Archbishop Walsh
Code EAN: 9781408607466
ISBN: 1408607468
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Genre: Histoire
nombre de pages: 448
Poids: 567g
Taille: H216mm x B140mm x T26mm
Année: 2007


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