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Caedmon's Exodus And Daniel - Edited From Grein

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Texte du rabat TABLE OF CONTENTS. PAGE PREFACE 6 INTRODUCTIONS General. I. Caedmon 7 II. The Paraphrase Special. 1. Source of the ... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

TABLE OF CONTENTS. PAGE PREFACE 6 INTRODUCTIONS General. I. Caedmon 7 II. The Paraphrase Special. 1. Source of the Paraphrase 2. Structure and Moral Character .... 8 3. Contents 10 4. Caedmon and Milton 10 1. Theme and Plan of Poems 13 2. State of .the Text . . . . . . .13 3. Literary Character....... 14 EXODUS Text 17 DANIEL Text 37 VARIANTS 65 BIBLIOGRAPHY . . . . . 71 GLOSSARY....... ., 77 8 8 NOTE TO THIRD EDITION. LONG vowels and diphthongs are accented. The Notes, as given in preceding editions, we omit, though we include their essential features in the Glossary. With the generous aid of Professor Harrison, the text has been, once again, thoroughly revised, on the basis of Grein, variant readings being also given. The Glossary, it will be seen, is greatly enlarged especially, as to definitions, references to text, and quotations of characteristic passages. In the revision of the Glossary, the editor has been much indebted to Messrs. L. M. Harris and C. L. Crow, students in the University at Lexington, Va. COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY, November, 1887. T. W. H. PREFACE. ONE of the most urgent needs which the recent revival of interest in English Philology has brought to light is that of American editions of the best specimens of First English Prose and Poetry. So difficult of access and so expensive have the Ger- man, and even the English, editions been found, that the study of the oldest English has suffered not a little thereby. Nor is it altogether gratifying to the pride of an ingenuous American scholar to feel that he should be thus dependent upon foreign sources for the best results in this department. As far as the publication of Middle English Texts is concerned, the main work hasbeen done, and naturally so, by native English scholars, such as Sweet, Eaiie, Skeat, and Morris, under the auspices of the Early English Text Society and kindred agencies. As to the work of what has been called, The Earliest English Text Society, most has been done by continental and English scholars. Such Danes and Germans as Rask, Bouterwek, and Grein, and such native Englishmen as Thorpe, Bosworth, Arnold, and Kemble, have been foremost in this arduous work. Up to a comparatively recent date, American scholarship had made no contributions to this subject. What was attempted was rather in the line of the elementary than in that of the more advanced and critical. To Professor March of Easton is due the awakening of a genuine interest in all that pertains to English speech, and, more especially, as to its first forms and uses. Since then, more or less of worthy work has been done athome by Corson, Carpenter, Cook, Shute, and others. To Professor Harrison, of Lexington, specialmeed is due in beginning the editing of the best First English Poetry. His recent edition of Beowulf, from the text of Heyne, marks a new departure in the critical study of our mother tongue. It opens the way for a complete series of editions accessible in American forms, and at moderate cost. The present edition of Caadmoivs Exodus and Daniel is in the way of contribution to this needed work, and is designed, mainly, for use in college classes. There is no part of our oldest poetry as good as Caedmon which is so difficult of access in this country, and of which there is more immediate need. It is gratifying to state that Professors March, Baskervill, and others will take part in the series proposed. Of the varioustexts of Caedmon, there are four which any editor must have on his table Junius, Thorpe, Bouterwek, and Grein...

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Titre: Caedmon's Exodus And Daniel - Edited From Grein
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