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Annual Plant Reviews

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Zusammenfassung Nitrogen Metabolism in Plants provides a general background and overview of nitrogen acquisition in plants and pre... Lire la suite
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Zusammenfassung Nitrogen Metabolism in Plants provides a general background and overview of nitrogen acquisition in plants and presents a comprehensive description of recent advances in our understanding of both nitrogen assimilation and nitrogen fixation using new technologies.


Christine Helen Foyer and Hanma Zhang are based at the Institute of Integrative and Comparative Biology at the Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds, UK.


Contributors. Preface. 1 Nitrogen Assimilation and its Relevance to Crop Improvement (Peter J. Lea and Ben J. Miflin). 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 The assimilation of ammonia. 1.3 Crop improvement through manipulating genes for nitrogen metabolism. 1.4 Conclusions. Acknowledgements. References. 2 Transcriptional Profiling Approaches for Studying Nitrogen. Use Efficiency (Malcolm J. Hawkesford and Jonathan R. Howarth). 2.1 N-responsive genes. 2.2 Nitrogen and crop production. 2.3 Targeting NUtE processes in crop plants. 2.4 Validating candidate genes by correlating gene expression with complex traits. 2.5 Prospects. Acknowledgements. References. 3 Energetics of Nitrogen Acquisition (Arnold J. Bloom). 3.1 Availability of nitrogen in the environment. 3.2 Curiosities. 3.3 Mineral nitrogen. 3.4 Plant growth and development. 3.5 Future of plant nitrogen. References. 4 Transport Systems for NO 3 and NH+4 (Mathilde Orsel and Anthony J. Miller). 4.1 Nitrogen forms available to plants. 4.2 Nitrogen transport steps and mechanisms. 4.3 Arabidopsis as a model. 4.4 Ammonium transporters. 4.5 Nitrate transporters. 4.6 Plastid transport. 4.7 Conclusions and future. Acknowledgements. References. 5 Nitric Oxide Synthase-Like Activities in Plants (Hideo Yamasaki, Ryuuichi D. Itoh, Jos-ee N. Bouchard, Ata Allah Dghim, Khurshida K. Hossain, Sushma Gurung and Michael F. Cohen). 5.1 Introduction. 5.2 Lifetime of nitric oxide. 5.3 An overview of NO-dependent signalling systems. 5.4 Mammalian-type NOS - ghost enzymes in plants. 5.5 Comparative NO-related signalling. 5.6 Algal nitric oxide synthesis - an echo from water. 5.7 Nitric oxide synthase in plant-associated bacteria: its occurrence and functions. 5.8 Prospects for NO-dependent signal transduction systems in plants. 5.9 Concluding remarks. Acknowledgements. References. 6 Nitrate Reductase and Nitric Oxide (Werner M. Kaiser, Elisabeth Planchet and Stefan R umer). 6.1 Introduction. 6.2 Structure, basic functions and regulation of NR. 6.3 NR-dependent NO formation in vivo, measured as NO emission. 6.4 NO production by NR in vitro. 6.5 Physiological effects of NR-derived NO. 6.6 Conclusions and open questions. Acknowledgements. References. 7 Nitric Oxide Signalling in Plants: Cross-Talk With Ca2+,Protein Kinases and Reactive Oxygen Species (J-eremy Astier, Ang-elique Besson-Bard, Izabela Wawer, Claire Parent, Sumaira Rasul, Sylvain Jeandroz, James Dat and David Wendehenne). 7.1 Basic concepts of NO signalling in animals. 7.2 NO signalling in plants. 7.3 Interplays between NO and ROS. 7.4 Conclusion. Acknowledgements. References. 8 Theanine: Its Occurrence and Metabolism in Tea (Ning Li and Jacquie de Silva). 8.1 Introduction. 8.2 Physiological benefits of theanine. 8.3 Chemical properties and characteristics of theanine in tea. 8.4 Role of theanine in tea. 8.5 Metabolism of theanine in tea. 8.6 Theanine synthase. 8.7 Theanine hydrolase. 8.8 The site of synthesis and transport of theanine in tea. 8.9 Other enzymes capable of synthesizing theanine. 8.10 Nitrogen uptake and transport. 8.11 Nitrate transporters. 8.12 Ammonium transporters. 8.13 Nitrogen assimilation by GS (glutamine synthetase) - GOGAT (glutamate synthase). 8.14 Biochemical properties of glutamine synthetase in plants. 8.15 Gene families of glutamine synthetase. 8.16 Regulation of plant glutamine synthetase. 8.17 Glutamate synthase (GOGAT) in plants. 8.18 Glutamate dehydrogenase in plants. 8.19 Regulation of theanine - genotypic factors. 8.20 Regulation of theanine - agronomic factors. 8.21 Summary. Acknowledgements. References. 9 Legume Nitrogen Fixation and Soil Abiotic Stress: FromPhysiology to Genomics and Beyond (Alex J. Valentine, Vagner A. Benedito and Yun Kang). 9.1 Introduction. 9.2 Legume nitrogen fixation under drought stress. 9.3 Soil acidity. 9.4 Phosphate deficiency. 9.5 Legume biology is taking off. 9.6 Beyond genomics: prospects for legume genetic breeding. References. 10 Metabolomics Approaches to Advance Understanding of Nitrogen Assimilation and Carbon-Nitrogen Interactions (Aaron Fait, Agata Sienkiewicz-Porzucek

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Titre: Annual Plant Reviews
Code EAN: 9781405162647
ISBN: 978-1-4051-6264-7
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Genre: Sciences naturelles en général
nombre de pages: 384
Poids: 860g
Taille: H244mm x B165mm x T25mm
Année: 2010
Auflage: Volume 42


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