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Annual Bibliography of Indian Archaeology

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When in 1925 the initiative was taken by the Kern Institute Leiden to start the publica tion of an Annual Bibliography of Indian A... Lire la suite
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When in 1925 the initiative was taken by the Kern Institute Leiden to start the publica tion of an Annual Bibliography of Indian Archaeology, the Board of the Institute could do so with confidence, as it was sure of the assistance of scholars all over the world as to the supply of publications as well as of information. With the help of this material a bibliography could be compiled by a small team of highly skilled archaeologists who could devote part of their time and attention to such a task for the benefit of their colleagues in all parts of the world. Times since then have changed, and circumstances have become less and less favourable. To find classified labour for the compilation and editing of such a bibliography has become extremely difficult, and this the more so as this work cannot be paid in accordance with the standards for this branch of classified documentation. The work has to be done as a part of the daily routine work even a scholar in today's time is expected to perform, and which he cannot but consider as being detrimental to the performing of those parts of his work, that demand the use of those qualifications that actually make him the expert.


I. General.- A. Bibliographies.- B. Collections of Various Articles, Commemoration Volumes, Congress Papers, etc..- C. Museum Collections, Museology.- D. Applied Sciences, Restoration Techniques, Dating Methods, Material Analysis.- II. India and the Regions within its Cultural Influence.- A. General.- B. Relations with the West, Pacific and Far East.- III. The Indian Subcontinent.- A. General.- 1. Handbooks, General Works.- 2. History of Indology.- 3. General Cultural Subjects.- B. Archaeology.- 1. General.- 2. Archaeological Reports.- 3. Prehistorical and Protohistorical Archaeology.- 4. Historical Archaeology.- 5. Studies in Special Subjects.- C. Historical Studies.- 1. General.- 2. Epigraphy.- 3. Numismatics, Seals.- 4. Geographical and Topographical History.- 5. Political History and Chronology.- 6. Economic, Social, Administrative History.- 7. Studies in Special Subjects.- D. Arts.- 1. General.- 2. Monuments, Architecture, Temples, etc..- 3. Sculpture, Plastic Arts, Iconography.- 4. Painting.- 5. Dance and Music.- 6. Puppets, Jewellery, Textiles, Handicrafts, etc..- 7. Studies in Special Subjects.- IV. Regions in the Sphere of Indian Cultural Influence.- A. General.- B. Ceylon.- C. South-East Asia.- 1. General.- 2. Further India.- a. Burma.- b. Cambodia, Champa, Vietnam, Laos.- c. Malayan Peninsula.- d. Thailand.- 3. Indonesian Archipelago.- a. General.- b. Java and Bali.- c. Borneo, Sumatra and Other Islands.- D. Central Asia, Afghanistan, Nepal, Tibet.- 1. Central Asia.- 2. Afghanistan.- 3. Nepal.- 4. Tibet.- V. Commemorative and Obituary Notices.

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Titre: Annual Bibliography of Indian Archaeology
Code EAN: 9789027714114
ISBN: 978-90-277-1411-4
Format: Livre Relié
Genre: Sciences sociales en général
nombre de pages: 189
Année: 1982
Auflage: 1982


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