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The Necromancer's Grimoire

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  • 346 Nombre de pages
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Annmarie Banks spent the first twenty years of her professional life as a bookseller specializing in out-of-print and antiquarian... Lire la suite
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Annmarie Banks spent the first twenty years of her professional life as a bookseller specializing in out-of-print and antiquarian books. She has studied many books about the history of the quest for knowledge, namely alchemy and philosophy. This search for the unknown was so fascinating to her that she wrote the book she had always hoped to find on the shelves of the bookstore, but never did. Arthur C. Clark's Third Law, "Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" is the inspiration for her series of books exploring the boundaries between what is possible, what is plausible and what remains to be proven. She currently lives in Arizona.

Texte du rabat

At the dawn of the Renaissance, a young woman finds herself on the path to great power... but can she control it or will it destroy her? Nadira has earned her place in the company of adventurers traveling to Istanbul to uncover something the Templar Knights lost 200 years before. She brings with her the knowledge and skills she acquired from reading The Hermetica of Elysium and learns that she is the key the Templars need to unlock their past. Lord Montrose is impatient with their mission. He is eager to turn his attention to seeking out and punishing his brother's murderers who sail the Mediterranean hunting heretical manuscripts. While another member of their group, the pious Friar William, is in the throes of doubt as his faith is challenged by what he has seen of Nadira's growing powers and the mystical elixirs of the alchemists. For what they want is for Nadira to read and master the powers of the book of Satan's realm, The Necromancer's Grimoire.

Informations sur le produit

Titre: The Necromancer's Grimoire
Code EAN: 9781908483188
ISBN: 978-1-908483-18-8
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Knox Robinson Pub
Genre: Science fiction et fantaisie
nombre de pages: 346
Poids: 680g
Taille: H231mm x B155mm x T33mm
Année: 2013
Auflage: Reprint


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