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The Ancient Wisdom - An Outline of Theosophical Teachings

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THE ANCIENT WISDOM AN OUTLINE OF THEOSOPHICAL TEACHINGS BY ANNIE BESANT - INTRODUCTION I Theosophy shown to be a coherent conception of the Universe and the origin and basis of all religions. All great religions have a common basis of ethical and philosophical ideas. This fact universally granted, how is it explained Two explanations given i The primitive nian theory by doctors of Comparative Mythology ii A Brotherhood of Spiritual Teachers in whose custody is the original teaching Universal tradition points to the latter view. The spiritual Verities of religion. China peopled by Turaliians and Mongolians, their traditions precede the Aryan race. The Classic of Purity, probably counected with the Toltec empire in Atlantis. The same teaching as to the Unmanifested and the Manifested as given in the Upanishads. BrAhmanism and Northern Buddhism agree, but Southern form differs. Reincarnation and Karnia fundamentals. The Supreme LOGOS threefold in both religious. In Hebrew scriptures duality apparent. teaches the doctrine of the logos. The Kabalah teaches the doctrine of many gods. Reincarnation taught in the Zohar, and traces of same belief in Hebrew and Christian scriptures. Egypt has its Trinity the Book of the Dead Zoroastrianism. The Orphic system. Points of contact between Pythagorean, Platonic and Neo-Platonicschools and Hindu and Buddhist thought show a common source. The threefold Logos as the Trinity in the Christian religion. The unity of moral teaching in all religions. The purpose of the Logos in the evolution of the Universe. CHAPTER I. THE PHYSICAL PGANE - 50 The Logos the source and end of the Universe by limiting Himself, He becomes the Manifested God. Spirit-matter evolvedthrough the energy of the Logos which ensouls every particle. The three great waves of evolution. The subdivisions of matter. The Theosophic meaning of plane. The geonietry of nature. The two main divisions of the physical body. The true Man dwells in various vehicles. The consciousness during sleep and death. CHAPTER IT. THE ASTRAL PLANE - - 73 The spirit-matter of this plane finer and more highly vitalized than that of the physical plane. It interpenetrates the physical plane. Astral CONTENTS ix PAGE objects are formed of astral matter, but the nature of astral vision causes the untrained seer to make many blunders. Astral forms change with great rapidity. Thought moulds the elemental essence, and the shapes vary with the character of the thought. Great responsibility attached to the thoughts of men. The reason of indefinable fear. The various inhabitants of the plane. The visitors of the plane-Masters, Initiates of various grades, pupils, untrained psychics, the disciple awaiting reincarnation. The astral body described, its changes and development in the body and during sleep. The Lower Quaternary functions on the astral and physical planes. CHAPTER 111. Klmaloka is that part of the astral plane which is inhabited by disembodied entities it represents the intermediate states and varies with the mental and moral conditions of the entity. The klmalokic condition is on each subdivision of the astral plane. The various kinds of astral matter which, during life intermingled, at death separate and become a series of concentric shells. Mans period in each subdivision depends on the density of the shell pertaining to it, his consciousness or unconsciousness on theamount he has worked in thematter. Cases of accident, suicide, or murder may vary with the character X CONTENTS PAGE of the person. The drawbacks of full consciousness in the lower kdmalokic divisions. The divisions and their conditions described. The real use of prayers for the dead and the help that can be given...

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Titre: The Ancient Wisdom - An Outline of Theosophical Teachings
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