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Annie Besant

  • Couverture cartonnée
  • 92 Nombre de pages
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Klappentext Excerpt: ...his money rolled out of his hand on to the floor, and he gazed vaguely at it, I saw to my horror that he w... Lire la suite
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Klappentext Excerpt: ...his money rolled out of his hand on to the floor, and he gazed vaguely at it, I saw to my horror that he was drunk. The position was not pleasant, for the train was an express, and was not timed to stop for a considerable time. My odious fellow-passenger spent some time on the floor, hunting after his scattered coins; then he slowly gathered himself up and presently became conscious of my presence. He studied me for some time, and then proposed to shut the window. I assented quietly, not wanting to discuss a trifle and feeling in deadly terror-alone at night in an express with a man not drunk enough to be helpless, but too drunk to be controlled. Never before nor since have I felt so thoroughly frightened. I can see him still, swaying as he stood, with eyes bleared and pendulous lips-but I sat there quiet and outwardly unmoved, as is always my impulse in danger till I see some way of escape, only grasping a penknife in my pocket, with a desperate resolve to use my feeble weapon as soon as the need arose. The man came towards me with a fatuous leer, when a jarring noise was heard and the train began to slacken. "What is that?" stammered my drunken companion. "They are putting on the brakes to stop the train," I answered very slowly and distinctly, though a very passion of relief made it hard to say quietly the measured words. The man sat down stupidly, staring at me, and in a minute or two the train pulled up at a station-it had been stopped by signal. My immobility was gone. In a moment I was at the window, called the guard, and explained rapidly that I was a woman travelling alone, and that a half-drunken man was in the carriage. With the usual kindness of a railway official, he at once moved me and my baggage into another compartment, into which he locked me, and he kept a friendly watch over me at every station at which we stopped until he landed me safely at Glasgow. At Glasgow a room had been taken for me... ...

Informations sur le produit

Titre: Annie Besant
Code EAN: 9781770453678
ISBN: 978-1-77045-367-8
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Books LLC, Reference Series
Genre: Spiritualité
nombre de pages: 92
Poids: g
Taille: H246mm x B189mm x T5mm
Année: 2013