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Essential Outdoor Gear Manual: Equipment Care, Repair, and Selection

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Annie Getchell and Dave Getchell, Jr. are enthusiastic cross-country and downhill skiers, canoeists, kayakers, rock climbers, cyc... Lire la suite
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Annie Getchell and Dave Getchell, Jr. are enthusiastic cross-country and downhill skiers, canoeists, kayakers, rock climbers, cyclists, and mountaineers. Annie cohosts the PBS-TV outdoor adventure series Anyplace Wild, and has been the outdoor gear columnist for AMC Outdoors magazine since 1992. Dave, longtime equipment editor for Backpacker magazine, spends about 100 days a year in the field using (and breaking) gear as a producer for adventure documentaries, including Anyplace Wild and Trailside.


Acknowledgments Preface: Meditations on Glues, Screws, and Goos Part 1. Soft Goods 1. Essential Techniques Sewing Basics; Fabric Patching; Zippers: The Full Disclosure; Fasteners; Cordage; Seams and Seamsealing 2. Fabrics and Insulations Unraveling Fabric Mysteries; Insulations; Cleaning Methods; Patching; Seamsealing; Coating or Recoating Synthetics 3. Specialty Garments Wetsuits and Neoprene Care; Drysuits; Shelled Gloves; Gaiters 4. Shelter Tents; Poles; Sleeping Bags; Sleeping Pads 5. Packs A Cautionary Tale, or Quasimodo's Revenge; The Five-Point Pack Check; Pack Rats; Patching; External-Frame Packs; The Tumpline Part 2. Footwear 6. Weatherproofing Boots Keeping Water Out; Boot Linings; Drying Boots 7. Custom Fitting Boot-Fitting; Lacing Tips and Tricks 8. Boot Repairs Typical Repairs; Ski Touring and Telemark Boots; Plastic Mountain Boots; Rock Shoes; Rubber Boots Part 3. Hardware 9. Stoves and Cookware The Crankiest Item in Your Pack; Stove Types; Pressurized Liquid-Fuel Stoves, Simplified; General Stove Maintenance; Fuel Conservation; Cold-Weather and High-Altitude Operation; Small-Space Safety; Get the Most from Your Cookware; Cast-Iron Cookware 10. Water Filters Filter Field Care; Ye Olde Bleach Flush; Didn't Clean Your Filter before Storage? 11. Knives and Multitools Cleaning; Storage; Gaining an Edge 12. Optics and Electronics Binoculars; Still Cameras and Video Cameras; Goggles and Glasses; Compasses; A Bit about Batteries; Headlamps and Flashlights 13. Climbing Gear Carabiners; SLCDs, Friends, and Assorted Springy-Thingys; Ropes; Slings and Kevlar and Spectra Cord; Harnesses; Ice Tools; Crampons; Ice Protection; Helmets 14. Winter Gear Touring Skis; Bindings; Poles; Skins; Snowshoes; Collapsible Avalanche Shovels; Sleds and Pulks Part 4. Paddling 15. Boats 16. Rules of the Resin Warnings about the Warnings; The First Resins; Thermoset Resins; Resin Types; Safe Sets 17. Hull Materials Of Canoes and Geologic Time; ABS or Royalex; Aluminum; Skin-over-Frame, a.k.a. Folding Boats; Fiberglass and Kevlar; Gelcoat; Polyethylene; Inflatables; Wood-and-Canvas 18. Canoe Inspection Gunwales; Furniture: Seats and Thwarts 19. Kayak Inspection Bulkheads; Rudder Assembly; Hatches; Cockpit Coaming; Hanging Seats; Footbraces; Sprayskirts; Hardware; Seams; Deck Rigging; Storage Tips 20. Paddles and PFDs Wood Paddles; Composite Paddles; PFDs 21 Dry Storage and Flotation Patching; Dry Bag Tips; Flotation Bag Tips; Dry Boxes Appendices A. Adhesives B. Low-Tox Cleaning Solutions C. Kit Suggestions D. Tools and Supplies for the Trail and Shop E. Useful Knots F. Directory of Repair Services G. Materials Resources H. Recommended Reading Index

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