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Journey to Faith

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If you would have asked me "Do you want to be a writer?" twenty years ago I would have laughed. I went to Business School and rec... Lire la suite
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If you would have asked me "Do you want to be a writer?" twenty years ago I would have laughed. I went to Business School and received my BS in Marketing. I worked for several years in sales before giving it all up to become a stay-at-home mom. It was the best decision of my life. This adventure started because of a simple request, made by my daughter's teacher, to share with her class the why we celebrate Three Kings Day where I come from. I said yes thinking all I had to do was pick up a book and read them a story. Little did I know it would not be that easy. After what felt like an endless search for a book I never found, yet still determined to share a beloved tradition, I ventured into the world of storytelling. As incredible as this may sound, when I wrote this story, my intent was only to share it with my child's 4th grade class. Never in my wildest dreams did I plan on submitting my story for publication. However, the response I received from those children and the encouragement I received from several friends inspired me to publish my story. Writing has brought to light a part of me I didn't know existed, immeasurable joy, revelation and purpose. It has also been the gateway to discovering who I truly am and what I believe. Writing has provided me the opportunity to share the things dear to my heart with others in a way I never thought possible. I never imagined how much power the pen truly has until I encountered it firsthand. This journey has taught me to value, appreciate and make time not only for the people I love but for the things I love. I've discovered that taking time for me is not selfish but loving, as it gives me the opportunity to rest and renew my strength, so that I can give all of myself to those I love. I am a person who always strives for excellence and doesn't know the meaning of giving up. I'm a fighter who is passionate and willing to pour everything into every endeavor. I am not ashamed of who I am, what I believe, and the things I like and don't like. Most importantly, I am madly in love with and passionate about Jesus. He has been very gracious, merciful and loving to me. My greatest desire is to bring glory, honor and praise to Him in everything I do. I am who I am because of Him. I stand redeemed and new, because of who He is and what He has done. He is my passion and the reason I write and sing. I began the blog Consecrated for Him, at, in an effort to share His impact on my life and my thoughts as a sojourner. My hope is to minister to the aching, wounded and lonely soul, having been one myself. Although I am fearful of failing, I will not allow my fear of failure to prevent me from trying. I truly believe with every part of my being that this is a unique and thought provoking story, that teaches truth and gives children of all ages the opportunity to give their lives to Jesus. Ultimately, my prayer is that this project, and every endeavor of my life, will always bring God glory, honor and praise.

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Although we are all familiar with the Christmas story and relish in the beauty and wonder of it, few of us know the story of the mysterious Wise Men. How did unlikely foreigners know of Jesus's birth, that He was the Son of God, and its significance? Rediscover the beauty, wonder, majesty and awe of Jesus's birth this holiday season, fresh and anew through the Wise Men's perspective. Relive their journey and walk in their shoes to see what they saw, feel what they felt, hear what they heard and experience the moment that changed their lives forever. Understand how the "not chosen" were actually chosen because they dared to believe. From the moment Melchior discovers the sacred scrolls of God's word, to the moment Gaspar finally believes, to the moment they see scriptures fulfilled with their own eyes - readers experience firsthand the joys, fears, doubts, struggles and the encounter that changed the lives of the Wise Men forever. Will you dare to believe and take your journey to faith this Christmas? Will you be like the Wise Men?

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Titre: Journey to Faith
Sous-titre: Through the Eyes of the Wise Men
Code EAN: 9780692535271
ISBN: 0692535276
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Genre: Jusqu`à 11 ans
nombre de pages: 40
Poids: 120g
Taille: H216mm x B216mm x T3mm
Année: 2015