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History after Apartheid

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The election of Nelson Mandela as president of South Africa in 1994 marked the demise of apartheid and the beginning of a new stru... Lire la suite
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The election of Nelson Mandela as president of South Africa in 1994 marked the demise of apartheid and the beginning of a new struggle to define the nation's past. This text looks at how South Africa's culture represented the past while contributing to the very process of social transformation.


Annie E. Coombes teaches art history and cultural studies at Birkbeck College, University of London, where she is Director of Graduate Studies in the School of History of Art, Film, and Visual Media. She is the author of "Reinventing Africa: Museums, Material Culture, and Popular Imagination in Late Victorian and Edwardian England" and coeditor of "Hybridity and Its Discontents: Politics, Science, Culture."

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"With verve, imagination, and engagement, Annie E. Coombes gives us an incisive account of memorial culture in South Africa since apartheid. She foregrounds the political tensions and ambiguities of rehabilitating traditional monuments, making Robben Island into an icon of resistance and liberation, creating museums of urban and township living that hover between reflective nostalgia and traumatized remembrance. Revisionism is a political necessity, but how is one to remember a brutal and painful history without rekindling the divisive passions of the past? A must read for anyone interested in memory culture on a global scale."--Andreas Huyssen, author of "Present Pasts: Urban Palimpsests and the Politics of Memory"

Analyzes how, in the midst of the momentous shift to an inclusive democracy, South Africa's visual and material culture represented the past while at the same time contributing to the process of social transformation. This book explores the dilemmas posed by a range of visual and material culture including key South African heritage sites.


Introduction: Making history memorable; 1. Translating the past: Apartheid monuments in post-apartheid South Africa; 2. Robben Island: Site of memory / Site of nation; 3. Mixed histories: District six; 4. New histories for old: Museological strategies; 5. New histories for old: The place of "ethnicity" in the "New" South Africa; 6. New subjectivities for the new Nation; Epilogue: Changing places

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Titre: History after Apartheid
Code EAN: 9780822330721
ISBN: 978-0-8223-3072-1
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Duke University Press
Genre: Sciences de la terre
nombre de pages: 384
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Année: 2003
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