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Sustainable Residential Interiors

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"As college campuses and workplaces turn their attention to minimizing carbon footprints, sustainable design is an increasingly fa... Lire la suite
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"As college campuses and workplaces turn their attention to minimizing carbon footprints, sustainable design is an increasingly fashionable aspect of interior design and architecture. Sustainable Residential Interiors focuses on implementing 'Green' design practices and technologies that improve indoor environmental quality. This update to the prize-winning 1st Edition features extensive information on certifications, standards, and materials in compliance with the new LEED v4 rating system. Forward-thinking students and professionals who recognize the growing emphasis on 'Green' initiatives will gain the latest information on sustainable design in this book"--


Annette Stelmack, LEED AP BD+C, is the founding principal of design firm Inspirit. A nationally recognized leader, educator, and author she specializes in providing healthy, high performing, and sustainable interiors for multi-unit housing, residential, hospitality and spa projects. An expert trainer she creates and delivers sustainable curriculum through strategic public and private partnerships, such as USGBC LEED Faculty(tm), ASID, and IDCEC. A founding member of USGBC Colorado, Annette pioneered Colorado's sustainability community and serves in multiple volunteer leadership roles nationally for USGBC, Center for Green Schools, and ASID. Kari Foster, Owner & Principal Designer of Associates III, inspires change through design and is an acknowledged environmental leader (LUXE CO Magazine) and a Top Woman in Design (Mountain Living Magazine). Debbie Hindman, LEED AP, is Associates III's Marketing Manager. Educator, researcher, and advocate for all things green design, she leads the firm's business development and marketing activities. Associates III is an interior design firm focused on creating interiors that are life-enhancing, responsible, healthy, and beautiful. Transforming spaces for more than 40 years, Associates III brings experience, environmental sensitivity, and synergy to each project by providing impeccable service, integrity in their practices, and a holistic team approach. Leading by example, Associates III sets themselves apart by combining superb designs with a proven commitment to a sustainable design philosophy.

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An illustrated guide to healthy, sustainable, and high-performing design methodologies "A great deal of expertise, hands-on experience, and thorough research has gone into the preparation of Annette Stelmack's book. In this era, managing complex issues for healthier, greener, safer, and more resilient communities more effectively has become a major priority. An essential guide and much needed tool, it will enable interior designers to create homes within communities that are better places for our current and next generations." -Linda Sorrento, FASID, IIDA, LEED-AP BD+C, Executive Director, National Academy of Environmental Design, Washington, DC "It is rare indeed to find a green building professional who has the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience as Annette Stelmack. You just can't find a better resource on sustainable interior design." -Peter Yost, LEED-AP, Principal and Vice President, Technical Services, BuildingGreen, Inc. Environmental and health issues affecting the design of homes have moved into the mainstream as sustainable design has grown exponentially over the past decade. Today, there are countless resources available to the general public, demanding that residential interior designers understand, adopt and implement the current body of knowledge. As a result of this, it is essential that interior designers be the catalysts for change by providing up to date, credible, and responsible services. The Second Edition of Sustainable Residential Interiors addresses cutting- edge processes, strategies, and principles as well as details for in-depth product vetting criteria. Award-winning, leading interior designer Annette Stelmack shares her expertise from the perspective of LEED BuildingDesign & Construction projects, healthy interiors, and chemical sensitivities, addressing principles, strategies, and solutions for design practitioners. A comprehensive update of the current state of the sustainable interior design industry is provided, including present and upcoming industry transformations, thought-leading principles, strategies and practices for project implementation, and fine points and resources for in-depth product vetting to support high-performing, healthy interiors. Sustainable Residential Interiors takes readers through an integrated design process, demonstrating relevant principles and practices that apply to essentially any interiors project toward creating an environment that is healthy, high-performing, functional, sustainable, and beautiful. In doing so, it: * Promotes critical thinking about health and environmental issues in the building industry * Features checklists and current resources, providing a "hands on" practical approach * Addresses in-depth, applicable third party certifications and details on relevant building rating systems * Provides in-depth strategies and criteria for fixed interior finishes, fixtures, equipment and furnishings * Demonstrates successful, relevant, diverse and inspiring case studies * Delivers comprehensive tools and resources for researching and vetting products' composition and chemical make-up. * Evaluates all aspects of a building's interior to identify and implement methods that: save energy and water; reduce Co2 emissions and waste; improve indoor air quality free of toxins; and are responsive to environmental impacts * Encourages forward-thinking by featuring inspirational statements from mentors, peers, and industry leaders * Urges interior designers to commit to designing safe, healthy environments that are integral to a professional code of ethics, which ensure the delivery of positive outcomes for the client and any building's future occupants


Preface ix Acknowledgments xiii CHAPTER 1 Why Be Sustainable? 1 What Are Green Buildings? 3 Conclusion 32 Resources 32 CHAPTER 2 Inspiring Stories 33 CHAPTER 3 Inspiring Projects 53 CHAPTER 4 Healthy Interiors 81 Green Building Framework 82 Why Health Matters 86 Safety and Well-Being 102 Healthy, High-Performing Strategies 106 Team Integration 118 Benefits 119 Next Steps 122 Resources 122 CHAPTER 5 Greening Projects 125 Getting Started on a Green Project 126 Integrated Design Approach and Criteria 131 Interior Designer's Role 133 Jobsite Measures 135 Client's Role and Responsibilities 138 Green Builder Programs 140 Green Building Cost Considerations 141 Resources 143 CHAPTER 6 Greening Specifications 145 Product Criteria 147 Vetting Products 162 Materials Safety Data Sheets 163 Questions for Manufacturers and Suppliers 167 In Summary 186 Resources 187 CHAPTER 7 Green Building Rating Systems 189 National and International Programs 191 Regional Programs 207 Frameworks and Guidelines 208 Holistic Communities 209 Tools and Resources 210 Resource 210 CHAPTER 8 Certifications and Standards 211 What Are Green Certifications and Standards and Why Are They Important? 211 Certification Resources 214 Indoor Environmental Quality 217 Life-Cycle Assessment 220 Carbon Footprint 223 Compostable 224 Certifications and Standards by Category/Material Type 224 Resources 239 CHAPTER 9 Concrete 241 Where Does It Come From? 245 Installation 245 Maintenance 249 Where Does It Go? 249 Spec List 250 Resources 250 CHAPTER 10 Masonry 251 Where Does It Come From? 255 Installation 255 Maintenance 257 Where Does It Go? 257 Spec List 257 Resources 258 CHAPTER 11 Metals 259 Where Does It Come From? 264 Installation 264 Maintenance 265 Where Does It Go? 266 Spec List 266 Resources 266 CHAPTER 12 Wood and Composites 267 Sustainable Wood Choices 269 Where Does It Come From? 279 Installation 280 Maintenance 282 Where Does It Go? 282 Spec List 283 Biobased Composites (Wood Alternatives) 284 Where Does It Come From? 287 Installation 287 Maintenance 287 Where Does It Go? 288 Spec List 288 Resources 288 CHAPTER 13 Openings: Doors and Windows 289 Interior Doors 291 Where Does It Come From? 292 Installation 292 Maintenance 292 Where Does It Go? 293 Spec List 293 Windows and Exterior Doors 293 Where Does It Come From? 297 Installation 298 Maintenance 298 Where Does It Go? 298 Spec List 298 Hardware 299 Where Does It Come From? 300 Where Does It Go? 300 Spec List 300 Resources 300 CHAPTER 14 Finishes 301 Plaster and Gypsum Board 302 Gypsum Plaster 303 Where Does It Come From? 304 Installation 304 Maintenance 305 Where Does It Go? 306 Resource 306 Spec List 306 Portland Cement Plaster 307 Lime Plaster 307 Where Does It Come From? 308 Installation 308 Maintenance 308 Where Does It Go? 309 Spec List 309 Resource 309 Venetian Plaster 310 Where Does It Come From? 310 Installation 310 Maintenance 310 Where Does It Go? 310 Spec List 310 Resource 311 Earthen Plaster 311 Where Does It Come From? 311 Installation 312 Maintenance 313 Where Does It Go? 313 Spec List 313 Resource 313 Gypsum Board: Drywall, Wallboard 313 Where Does It Come From? 315 Installation 317 Maintenance 317 Where Does It Go? 318 Spec List 318 Resources 319 Tile 319 Where Does It Come From? 323 Installation 324 Maintenance 325 Where Does It Go? 326 Spec List 327 Resources 327 Flooring 328 Bamboo Flooring 328 Where Does It Come From? 329 Installation 330 Maintenance 331 Where Does It Go? 331 Spec List 332 Resource 333 Leather Flooring 333 Installation 333 Maintenance 334 Where Does It Go? 334 Spec List 334 Cork Flooring 334 Where Does It Come From? 337 Installation 337 Maintenance 338 Where Does It Go? 338 Spec List 338 Resources 339 Biocomposite Flooring 339 Where Does It Come From? 342 Installation 342 Maintenance 343 Where Does It Go? 343 Spec List 343 Wood Flooring 343 Where Does It Come From? 346 Installation 347 Maintenance 348 Where Does It Go? 349 Spec List 349 Resources 350 Linoleum 350 Where Does It Come From? 351 Installation 351 Maintenance 352 Where Does It Go? 352 Spec List 352 "Rubber" Flooring 353 Where Does It Come From? 353 Where Does It Go? 353 Spec List 353 Resource 354 Concrete Flooring 354 Terrazzo 354 Where Does It Come From? 355 Installation 355 Maintenance 356 Where Does It Go? 356 Spec List 356 Resources 357 Carpet 357 Where Does It Come From? 360 Installation 361 Maintenance 361 Where Does It Go? 361 Spec List 362 Resources 363 Wall Treatments 363 Installation 367 Maintenance 368 Where Does It Go? 368 Spec List 368 Paint and Coatings 369 Casein or Milk Paint 373 Where Does It Come From? 374 Installation 374 Maintenance 375 Where Does It Go? 375 Spec List 375 Silicate Dispersion Paint 375 Where Does It Come From? 376 Installation 376 Maintenance 376 Where Does It Go? 377 Spec List 377 "Natural" or "Organic" Paints 377 Where Does It Come From? 379 Installation 379 Maintenance 379 Where Does It Go? 380 Spec List 380 Conventional Paint 380 Where Does It Come From? 385 Installation 386 Maintenance 387 Where Does It Go? 388 Spec List 388 Resources 389 Overview: Stains, Finishes, and Adhesives 389 Stains, Colorants, and Tints 390 Finishes, Sealants, and Topcoats 390 Adhesives and Glues 391 Spec List 392 Resources 392 CHAPTER 15 Specialties 393 Shower Enclosures 394 Where Does It Come From? 394 Where Does It Go? 394 Installation 395 Maintenance 395 Spec List 395 Closets and Shelving 395 Fireplaces and Stoves 395 Where Does It Come From? 399 Installation 399 Maintenance 400 Where Does It Go? 400 Spec List 401 Resources 401 CHAPTER 16 Equipment: Appliances and Office Equipment 403 Appliances 404 Where Does It Come From? 414 Installation 415 Maintenance 415 Where Does It Go? 416 Spec List 417 Computers, Printers, and Office Equipment 417 Where Does It Come From? 420 Maintenance 420 Where Does It Go? 420 Spec List 421 Resources 421 CHAPTER 17 Mechanical: Plumbing 423 Toilets, Urinals, and Bidets 425 Lavatories and Sinks 428 Showers and Tubs 429 Fittings 430 Graywater 431 Where Does It Come From? 432 Installation 432 Maintenance 432 Where Does It Go? 434 Spec List 434 Resources 434 CHAPTER 18 Electrical: Lighting and Light Fixtures 435 Types of Bulbs 438 Bulb Efficacy 443 Lighting Controls 443 Fixtures 444 Where Does It Come From? 444 Installation 445 Maintenance 446 Where Does It Go? 446 Spec List 447 Resources 447 CHAPTER 19 Furnishings 449 Countertops 450 Concrete Countertops 451 Where Does It Come From? 451 Installation 452 Maintenance 452 Where Does It Go? 452 Spec List 453 Resources 453 Stone Countertops 453 Where Does It Come From? 454 Installation 454 Maintenance 456 Where Does It Go? 456 Spec List 456 Resources 456 Metal Countertops 457 Where Does It Come From? 458 Installation 458 Maintenance 458 Where Does It Go? 459 Spec List 459 Resources 460 Wood Countertops 460 Where Does It Come From? 461 Installation 461 Maintenance 461 Where Does It Go? 461 Spec List 461 Resources 462 Ceramic Tile Countertops 462 Where Does It Come From? 463 Installation 463 Maintenance 464 Where Does It Go? 464 Spec List 464 Resources 465 Glass and Glass Tile Countertops 465 Where Does It Come From? 465 Installation 465 Maintenance 466 Where Does It Go? 467 Spec List 467 Solid Surface, Composite, and Laminate Countertops 467 Where Does It Come From? 469 Installation 469 Maintenance 470 Where Does It Go? 470 Spec List 470 Linoleum Countertops 470 Where Does It Come From? 471 Installation 472 Maintenance 472 Where Does It Go? 472 Spec List 472 Cabinetry 472 Where Does It Come From? 477 Installation 478 Maintenance 479 Where Does It Go? 479 Spec List 479 Resources 480 Textiles 481 Where Does It Come From? 495 Maintenance 496 Where Does It Go? 496 Spec List 497 Resources 498 Case Pieces 499 Where Does It Come From? 505 Installation 505 Maintenance 506 Where Does It Go? 507 Spec List 507 Resources 508 Upholstery 508 Where Does It Come From? 512 Installation 514 Maintenance 514 Where Does It Go? 515 Spec List 515 Resources 515 Lighting 515 Where Does It Come From? 517 Maintenance 517 Where Does It Go? 517 Spec List 517 Resources 518 Mattresses and Bedding 518 Where Does It Come From? 526 Maintenance 526 Where Does It Go? 526 Spec List 527 Resources 527 Area Rugs 528 Where Does It Come From? 530 Maintenance 530 Where Does It Go? 530 Spec List 531 Resources 531 Window Treatments 531 Where Does It Come From? 535 Maintenance 535 Where Does It Go? 535 Spec List 535 Resource 536 Accessories and Art 536 Where Does It Come From? 540 Installation and Maintenance 540 Where Does It Go? 541 Spec List 542 CHAPTER 20 Green Business Development 543 Relationship Building 544 Networking 546 Target Markets 550 Market Differentiation 551 Innovation Benefits 552 Strategic Action Plan 552 Outreach 553 Sharing Successful Projects 555 Cost Considerations 556 Value Bonding 557 Resources 560 CHAPTER 21 Sustaining Life 561 Questioning the Status Quo 562 Purposeful Living 566 Inspirational Mentors 567 Next Steps 570 CHAPTER 22 What's Next? 573 Abundance 574 Building Science 577 Education 578 Future Generations 584 Health 590 High Performance 597 Restorative 607 Regenerative 609 Resilency 615 Technology 616 Transparency 618 Conclusion 621 Resources 623 Websites 623 Recommended Reading 635 Glossary 639 Index 655

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