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The Power of Acceptance

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lsquo;This is a book for anyone who is eager to learn and is interested in real personal growth. With her intelligent writing, Ann... Lire la suite
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lsquo;This is a book for anyone who is eager to learn and is interested in real personal growth. With her intelligent writing, Annemarie shows us how acceptance is the path to enlightenment.’--Soul & Spirit


Annemarie Postma has been wheelchair bound for thirty years and she shows us that this does not limit the opportunity for happiness, love and success. In her own life, Annemarie demonstrates how the healing power of acceptance works. Physical limitation does not mean that your potential should be limited and therefore Annemarie is a role model and inspiration to many. She is the author of the bestsellers The Deeper Secret and The Secret Within (both published by Watkins).

Texte du rabat

The "Wheelchair Supermodel" is back with an Inspirational Book on the Power of Acceptance What if, starting today, you stopped thinking in terms of lack and imperfection? What if you stopped trying to change reality with the power of our thoughts and intention? What if you no longer thought that everything needs to be fixed, healed or improved? In her new book, The Power of Acceptance, Postma (author of The Deeper Secret and The Secret Within) explores the mental and emotional blocks that keep us from true joy. She writes, "Rarely has anything in my life gone the way I had hoped, expected or thought. There have been some heavy blows. However, in hindsight, I can see that everything turned out just as it should have." Calling upon many wisdom traditions and her own hard-won insights, Postma traces a gentle path that will lead to the renewal of your mind and spirit. She writes, "To embrace reality is an act of total renewal. When we dare to see things as they truly are it immediately brings us a feeling of liberation, strength and healing. Therefore it is no coincidence that Buddhists describe 'experiencing God' as being 'completely present' in reality. To surrender means to let go of the control you think you have in your life. It means releasing your preconceived thoughts and notions about how you think your life should be. It is all about no longer forcing your personal will on reality. In fact, to surrender is a celebration of real freedom." Postma knows whereof she speaks. As a precocious 11 year old with her whole life in front of her, she was struck with a sudden illness that left her wheelchair-bound for the rest of her life. Doctors now believe that she was bit by a virulent tick. Instead of wallowing in misery, however, Postma took it as a wake-up call. "From the beginning," she says, "nothing needed to be 'made bearable' for me. I knew and felt from the start: This is OK." Since then, she has dedicated her life to overcoming obstacles and helping others do the same. She studied law and became the first professional model in Europe with a disability. She has been a goodwill ambassador of the Netherlands Foundation for Handicapped Children and speaks frequently across northern Europe on issues of self-esteem and self-respect. Postma is also known for her gentle critique of the hit book, The Secret. In her two previous titles she urged readers to trust the workings of the Universe rather than try to change them or to manifest a different reality. In her latest book she continues the theme and engages in conversations with some of the best-known spirituality writers about it. With Gregg Braden she has a dialog on life; with Lynn McTaggart she discusses the idea that life is not a fight that needs to be won; and with Dr. Eric Pearl she converses about reconnecting with the cosmic frequencies. Writes Postma, "Spirituality is nothing more than giving up your resistance to what is. Living spiritually is daring to see what is in front of you and daring to experience your life as it is right now. And experience means conquering our greatest human fear: living as a complete human being."

Informations sur le produit

Titre: The Power of Acceptance
Sous-titre: End the Eternal search for happiness by accepting what is
Code EAN: 9781780287607
ISBN: 978-1-78028-760-7
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Random House N.Y.
Genre: Guides pratiques
nombre de pages: 192
Poids: 203g
Taille: H198mm x B123mm x T17mm
Année: 2013


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