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The Tao of Bipolar

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If you have have bipolar disorder, you struggle with psychological balance, swinging between highly depressed and highly manic sta... Lire la suite
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If you have have bipolar disorder, you struggle with psychological balance, swinging between highly depressed and highly manic states. For you, finding the middle path can be a challenge, which is why the Tao understanding of energy can beso helpful. "Tao," is a Chinese word meaning "the way" and a metaphysical concept for understanding the universe as a circular flow of energy. The Tao understanding of bipolar disorder is that symptoms are the result of a disrupted or imbalanced energy flow that can be brought back to harmony with dedication and practice. In The Tao of Bipolar , you will reconnect with your essential, stable, balanced nature, which, according to the Tao, is the inherent state of all matter. In the book, you will learn to manage your energy with meditation and other techniques so that you can always return to their stable center. While you may lose touch with the center during bipolar episodes, this book encourages you to use mindfulness and meditation to consciously shift your energy back to this center before a bipolar episode gets too extreme. When it comes to bipolar disorder, managing emotions, preventing manic episodes, and dealing effectively with periods of depression is key to your mental health and well-being. This book will give you the tools you need to get your bipolar disorder under control, and get back to living life. Once you learn to manage your moods, you can function normally and experience far less suffering from the disorder, even when you do have bipolar episodes. If you do have an episode, this book will help you find that place that exists inside you where you can find a sense of calm.

A book of Taoist meditations that can help readers with bipolar disorder centre themselves before bipolar episodes.

C. Alexander Simpkins, PhD and Annellen M. Simpkins, PhD are San Diego psychologists who integrate meditation, hypnosis, and neuroscience with psychotherapy. They have authored twenty-five books on these topics, many of them award-winning bestsellers with multiple foreign translations. They present workshops around the United States to help people use meditation and hypnosis for lasting mind-brain-body change. They have performed research on these methods and have worked with people of all ages in private practice for thirty-five years.

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Reveals how readers can use Taoist meditations to help keep bipolar disorder under control.

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Titre: The Tao of Bipolar
Sous-titre: Using Meditation and Mindfulness to Find Balance and Peace
Code EAN: 9781608822928
ISBN: 978-1-60882-292-8
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Little, Brown and Company
Genre: Médecine
nombre de pages: 192
Poids: 280g
Taille: H232mm x B155mm x T15mm
Année: 2013