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Gender Basics

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Texte du rabat This is the first broad-based anthology to look exclusively at gender and gender relations. Feminist in approach, t... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

This is the first broad-based anthology to look exclusively at gender and gender relations. Feminist in approach, the topics and writings focus on the experiential basics of students' lives. The articles are varied but offer unity in that raising one issue brings to mind other articles in the collection. Minas includes writings by thoughtful men and women who exhibit awareness in reacting to the feminist perspective.

This highly accessible combination of articles with readable and teachable supporting introductions and text enables students to understand assigned readings well enough to be able to come to class ready to ask intelligent questions and engage in critical discussion.

Introduction. PART I: OPPRESSION. Oppression, Marilyn Frye. Woman Is Not Our Brother, Simone De Beauvoir. Men, Feminism and Men''''s Contradictory Experiences of Power, Michael Kaufman. White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondecnes Through Work in Women''''s Studies, Peggy Mcintosh. The Uses of Anger: Women Responding to Racism, Audre Lorde. Asian Americans Battle the Model Minority" Stereotype, Robert Daseler. Indian Tribes: A Continuing Quest for Survival, US Commission on Human Rights. The Flight from the Rejected Body, Susan Wendell. PART II: MESSAGES ON THE SURFACE: LOOKS AND LANGUAGE. Sexism and the English Language: The Linguistic Implications of Being a Woman, Karen L. Adams and Norma C. Ware. Talking Back, bell hooks. Gay Irony, Brian Pronger. Hunger, Naomi Wolf. Accounting for Cosmetic Surgery: The Accomplishment of Gender, Diana Dull and Candace West. A Hair Piece: Perspectives on the Intersection of Race and Gender, Paula M. Caldwell. PART III: THE WORKPLACE. Women and Power in the Workplace, Hilary M. Lips. The Half Empty Glass: Can It Ever Be Filled?, Natalie J. Sokoloff. Target Hiring, Anne Minas. Tokenism and Stereotyping: Objectification, Lillian Comas-Diáz and Beverly Greene. The Comparable Worth Debate, Ellen Frankel Paul. Sharing the Shop Floor, Stan Gray. The Glass Escalator: Hidden Advantages for Men in the "Female" Professions, Christine L. Williams. Undocumented Latinas: The New "Employable Mothers," Grace Chang. PART IV: LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS. Love''''s Bond, Robert Nozick. Male Friendship and Intimacy, Robert A. Strikwerda and Larry May. The Woman in Love, Simone de Beauvoir. The Arrogant Eye, the Loving Eye, and the Beloved, Marilyn Frye. The Civic Advocacy of Violence, Wayne Ewing. Violence in Intimate Relationships: A Feminist Perspective, bell hooks. Battered Women of Color in Public Health Care Systems: Racism, Sexism, and Violence, Beth E. Richie and Valli Kanuha. PART V: BONDS. Commitment and the Value of Marriage, Gordon Graham. Marital Faithfulness, Susan Mendus. Black Men/Black Women: Changing Roles and Relationships, Robert Staples. Is ''''''''Straight'''''''' to ''''''''Gay'''''''' as ''''''''Family'''''''' Is to ''''''''No Family?,'''''''' Kath Weston. Virtually Normal, Andrew Sullivan. The Married Woman, Simone de Beauvoir. PART VI: SEX AND SEXUALITY. Sexuality, Robert Nozick. The Language of Sex: The Heterosexual Questionnaire, M. Rochlin. The Language of Sex: Our Conception of Sexual Intercourse, Robert Baker. Who''''s on Top?: Heterosexual Practices and Male Dominance During the Sex Act, Mercedes Steedman. The Outing Controversy" Privacy and Dignity in Gay Ethics, Richard Mohr. The Outing Controversy: Privacy and Dignity in Gay Ethics, Richard Mohr. Lesbian ''''''''Sex,'''''''' Marilyn Frye. Black Sexuality: The Taboo Subject, Cornel West. HIV Testing and Confidentiality, H.A. Bassford. Women and AIDS: Too Little, Too Late, Nora Kizer Bell. PART VII: RAPE AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT. Men on Rape, Tim Beneke. I Never Called It Rape, Robin Warshaw. Pulling Train, Peggy R. Sanday. The ''''''''Rape'''''''' of Mr. Smith, Unknown. The Lecherous Professor: Sexual Harassment on Campus, Billie Wright Dziech and Linda Weiner. Sexual Harassment and Solidarity, Larry May. PART VIII: SEX FOR SALE. I''''m a Hooker: Every Woman''''s Profession, Teri-Lee d''''Aaran. Charges Against Prostitution: An Attempt at a Philosophical Assessment, Lars O. Ericsson. Defending Prostitution: Charges Against Ericsson, Carol Pateman. Frances Biddle''''s Sister: Pornography, Civil Rights, and Speech, Catharine MacKinnon. Pornography: Conflict Among Feminists, Gloria Cowan. The Roots of Pornography, David Steinberg. PART IX: FERTILITY CONTROL: CONTRACEPTION AND ABORTION. The Purpose of Sex, St. Thomas Aquinas. Society and the Fertile Woman: Contraception, Janet Radcliffe-Richards. Why Abortion is Immoral, Don Marquis. A Defense of Abortion, Judith Jarvis Thomson. Abortion, Susan Sherwin. What About Us?, Brenda Timmins. PART X: REPRODUCTION: HI TECH/LOW TECH. If Men Could Menstruate, Gloria Steinem. Childbirth, Christine Overall. Children by Donor Insemination: A New Choice for Lesbians, Francie Hornstein. The Ethics of Surrogacy, Johnathan Glover et al., The Glover Report to the European Commission. Having Children and the Market Economy, Johnathan Glover et al., The Glover Report to the European Commission. PART XI: RAISING CHILDREN: MOTHERS AND FATHERS. Marianismo: The Other Face of Machismo in Latin America, Evelyn P. Stevens. The Second Shift, Arlie Hochschild with Anne Machung. Stability and Change in Chicano Men''''s Family Ties, Scott Coltrane. Love, Self-Interest, Power, and Opposition: Untangling the Roots of Intensive Mothering, Sharon Hays. Black Women and Motherhood, Patricia Hill Collins. Welfare: Exploding Stereotypes, Rita Henley Jensen. Anna Karenina, Scarlett O''''Hara and Gail Bezaire: Child Custody and Family Law Reform, Susan Crean. The Anti-Feminsist Backlash: Or Why Custody is a Fatherhood Issue, Susan Crean. PART XII: YOUNGSTERS AND OLDSTERS. Why Young Women are More Conservative, Gloria Steinem. Age, Race, Class, and Sex: Women Redefining Difference, Audre Lorde. It Hurts to Be Alive and Obsolete, Zoe Moss. From Maturity to Old Age, Simone de Beauvoir. Look Me in the Eye, Barbara MacDonald. On Gray Hair and Oppressed Brains, Ann E. Gerike. Women in Dual-Career Families and the Challenge of Retirement, Joy B. Reeves."

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