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Bluebeard's Keys, and Other Stories

  • Couverture cartonnée
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Texte du rabat THE PROOFS of my story-book are piled upon the table by the open windows there are records of many sunshines in the... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

THE PROOFS of my story-book are piled upon the table by the open windows there are records of many sunshines in these little histories, but of none more sweet than this present grace of being and existence, high perched on our fragrant height. Eose-hedges grow along our terrace, casting wild scent and fantastic branches upon the blue of the great waters, the sunshine seems to stir the uprising moors to mystic life, and- a mighty measure is sounding from the beach below. In the light and the fragrance and sweetness it seems almost a dream to incredulous eyes, when lo a message comes from that mystic world a robin flies into the room and perches on the table with a reassuring flutter, and all seems real once more. Dedication. It is time I leave my proofs and my fairy-follies and despatch them to the printer in London, far away these pages in my own, and in the familiar handwritings, that have brought me not without some protest the stories as I asked for them, told once more, in a certain cadence. The original tunes had seemed to me lost somehow, in my experiments and variations, and these kind musicians and another, not refusing to please me, have played them once more to the measure I asked for. To friend H. T. and to kinsman R. I must write my thankyou here to F. I can say it as he stands smoking his pipe upon the terrace-walk. LYXTOX, NORTH DEVOW AvytutQ 1874 CONTENTS. BLUEBEARDS KEYS. PAKT I. CHAPTEB PAGE I. FANNYS WORK-BASKET . . . . . .. 3 n. THE TEERACE OPPOSITE THE CHURCH . . .12 III. UNDER THE DAIS 22 IV. A CARRIAGE A MARQTTCS ..... 32 V. A TROTJSSEAT 40 VI. THE SECRET . VII. BLTJEBEARDS KEYS 58 PAET II. VIII. MRS. DE TRAVERS DREAMS, 73 IX. MRS. DE TRAVERS AWAKE 82 X. A KOMANPARTY 88 XI. FAITNY AND BARBI 98 XII. THE CAPUCHINS MASS .... 108 61 vlii CONTENTS CHAPTER RIQUET A LA HOUPPE. PAGE I. TRUE LOYE 121 II. DORLICOTE 125 III. COLONEL KINGS Two DAUGHTERS .... 130 IV. DINNER 137 V. TEA-TIME 143 VI. SOME PASSAGES FROM SOPHYS CORRESPONDENCE . 148 VII. MORE CORRESPONDENCE ...... 155 VIII. IN THE BALCONY 160 IX. THROUGH THE VILLAGE 167 X. SYLLE ALONE LN THE FOREST .... 173 XI. AN UMBRELLA 180 XII. Miss WILLIAMSON TRIES HER HAND AT DESCRIPTION 185 XIII. OLD CHRISTINES ORACLE .... . 191 JACK AND THE SEAN-STALK. I. JACKS FATHER 203 II. JACKS MOTHER 209 III. THE Cow 215 IV. THE OGRES HARP 223 V. JACK MEETS A FAIRY GODMOTHER . . . 229 VI. BEANS AND TALK ... . 235 CHAPTER CONTENTS. ix PAOB VII. WIDOW BARNES HEN is SCARED . . . 245 VIII. IN THE OGEES CASTLE 259 IX. THE BEAN-STALK TTP WHICH JACK TRIED TO CLIMB 264 X. THE ARID COUNTRY TOWARDS WHICH JACK is CLIMBING 268 XL JACK COMES TO THE OGRES MANSION . . . 274 XII. JACK CARRIES OFF THE HEN WITH THE GOLDEN EGGS 282 XIII. JACK HEARS THE STRAIN OF THE HARP MUSIC 289 XIV. THE BEAN-STALK 296 XV. JACK STARTS ON His SECOND JotrRNET TO THE OGRES CASTLE 303 XVI. JACK SECTTRES THE MONEY-BAGS .... 307 XVII. JACK STEALS THE GOLDEN HARP . . . 312 XVIII. JACK BRINGS HOME THE GOLDEN HARP AND curs THE BEAN-STALK ...... 818 THE WHITE CAT. I. A FRIEND 826 n. FAIRY LATOTTCHE ENCHANTS THE CASTLE AND THE POOR LITTLE WHITE CAT 883 III. THE OLD KING AND His THREE SONS . . 841 IV. THE YOUNGEST STARTS ON His TRAVELS IN SEARCH OP A DOG, FINE LINEN, AND A FAIR BRIDB . 860 x CHAPTER CONTENTS. PAGE V. THE GRAND RVTTTRTATN-MTTNT TO WHICH THE PRINCE 9 ACCOMPANIES THE WHITE CAT .... 362 VI. THE PRINCE STATS ON AT THE WHITE CATS CASTLE 375 VII. THEPRINCE PREPARES TO TAKE LEAVE . . 386 VIII. THE PRINCE CARRIES OFF THE FRENCH POODLE IX. THE PRINCE AT His FATHERS COURT . . 400 X. THE PRINCE CTTTS OFF THE WHITE CATS HKAP ...

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Titre: Bluebeard's Keys, and Other Stories
Code EAN: 9781406723861
ISBN: 140672386X
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Genre: Science fiction et fantaisie
nombre de pages: 424
Poids: 537g
Taille: H216mm x B140mm x T24mm
Année: 2007