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Stand Facing the Stove

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Los Angeles Times Anne Mendelson brings the story to vivid life...and adroitly strings together an enlightening cultural history o... Lire la suite
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Los Angeles Times Anne Mendelson brings the story to vivid life...and adroitly strings together an enlightening cultural history of American women in the twentieth century.

Anne Mendelson is a leading authority on the history of American cookbooks. She has written for a variety of magazines and newspapers, including Gourmet. She lives in northern New Jersey.

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"Stand Facing the Stove" recounts the astonishing success story of "The Joy of Cooking, " which was published as an obscure vanity book at the author's own expense in 1931 and survived to become a national institution. of illustrations.

In 1931, Irma S. Rombauer, a recent widow, took her life savings and self-published a cookbook that she hoped might support her family. Little did she know that her book would go on to become America's most beloved cooking companion. Thus was born the bestselling Joy of Cooking, and with it, a culinary revolution that continues to this day.
In Stand Facing the Stove, Anne Mendelson presents a richly detailed biographical portrait of the two remarkable forces behind Joy -- Irma S. Rombauer and her daughter, Marion Rombauer Becker -- shedding new light on the classic kitchen mainstay and on the history of American cooking. Mendelson weaves together three fascinating stories: the affectionate though often difficult relationship between Joy's original creator, Irma, and her eventual coauthor, Marion; the bitter dealings between the Rombauers and their publisher, Bobbs-Merrill (at whose hands the Rombauers likely lost millions of dollars); and the enormous cultural impact of the beloved book that Irma and Marion devoted their lives to refining, edition after edition.
Featuring an accessible new recipe format and an engaging voice that inspired home cooks, Joy changed the face of American cookbooks. Stand Facing the Stove offers an intimate look at the women behind this culinary bible and provides a marvelous portrait of twentieth-century America as seen through the kitchen window.





Part I

1 The Golden Age of St. Louis

2 Beginnings and Endings

3 The Rombauers After the War

4 The Birth of Joy

Part II

5 Chronicles of Cookery 1

6 Rombauer and Bobbs-Merrill: The Making of an Enmity

7 Family Regroupings

8 War Maneuvers

Part III

9 Chronicles of Cookery 2

10 Indian Summer Interrupted

11 The Last Battle

Part IV

12 Little Acorn and Wild Wealth

13 Marion's Last Years



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Copyright © 1996, 2003 by Anne Mendelson

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Titre: Stand Facing the Stove
Sous-titre: The Story of the Women Who Gave America The Joy of Cooking
Code EAN: 9780743229395
ISBN: 978-0-7432-2939-5
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Simon & Schuster N.Y.
Genre: Correspondance et biographies
nombre de pages: 496
Poids: 456g
Taille: H214mm x B140mm x T33mm
Année: 2003


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