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The Power Of You

  • Couverture cartonnée
  • 288 Nombre de pages
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Each and every one of us possesses an amazing personal power. It is our deep core energy that motivates us and gives us the endura... Lire la suite
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Each and every one of us possesses an amazing personal power. It is our deep core energy that motivates us and gives us the endurance, courage and determination to overcome the challenges in life. When we are in touch with this power we have the confidence and the strength to drive us to our goals and make a positive difference to the world around us. Now spiritual healer Anne Jones shows us how to claim this extraordinary power within us so that we may live our lives to the fullest and bring that joy into the lives of those around us. She will show you: * How to identify and build your core strengths * How to break attachments to your fears * How to manifest your desires * How to use your own strength to empower those around you and make a difference in the world * Empowerment techniques to deal with day-to-day challenges * How to identify the sources of threats to our power and withstand their effects * How to regain confidence in yourself and the world * Healing techniques to balance body and mind and protect your health Including positive meditations and inspiring case studies, The Power of You shows you what the human spirit is truly capable of if we connect to our inner power.

Connecting to your personal power gives you the endurance, courage and determination to make a real postive change to your own life - and to the world around you.

Anne Jones is a gifted and experienced healer. She regularly tours the world (America, South Africa, Australia and the Far East) lecturing, running workshops and giving healing. She is the founder of Ripple UK Ltd and Hearts and Hands, an international healing organisation.

Informations sur le produit

Titre: The Power Of You
Sous-titre: Simple steps to develop your inner strength, master your fears and live to your greatest potential
Code EAN: 9780749953997
ISBN: 978-0-7499-5399-7
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Little, Brown and Company
Genre: Spiritualité
nombre de pages: 288
Poids: 312g
Taille: H215mm x B135mm x T20mm
Année: 2011


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