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How to Make Money Selling Facts

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Texte du rabat Here's how to make money or a career out of selling facts to hidden and famous markets, nontraditional markets, and... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

Here's how to make money or a career out of selling facts to hidden and famous markets, nontraditional markets, and individuals in search of novelty, cutting edge facts, or historical facts come full circle. How to Make Money Selling Facts is about offering facts as a front-loading ancillary and a resource for gathering and offering information and resources.

You look for facts so new the media hasn't printed or broadcasted it yet, and facts so old, they have come full circle, and you sell the facts to people seeking information and resources. You can be any age to sell facts. You don't even have to see.

Screen readers allow you to hear or touch to find, gather, compile, organize, and sell facts to a variety of markets that make their living re-packaging facts to other ancillary markets. Facts can be anything from details and data, research and findings on recruiting people for medical trials done by pharmaceutical companies to facts on ancient military strategies for historians and fiction authors or facts on success stories and corporate histories, biographies, and news on inside information, interviews, and trends.

Facts you can sell can be uncommon news, results of research, indexing publications, or finding trivia details. You can find facts that are important to a few niche markets or to think tanks seeking trends in behavior or technology, and you can sell the facts to trade journals, professional associations, corporations, or institutes.

Facts can be on anything from genetics to why women marry men with personality types similar to their fathers or on any subject for which there is a waiting market for verifiable new or historic details and data. Facts can be about finding flaws in research or finding agreements, and you don't have to be an expert to find facts, just gather and glean the newest or oldest facts from experts from different sides. Separate the facts from the opinions and sell the facts.

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Titre: How to Make Money Selling Facts
Sous-titre: to Non-Traditional Markets
Code EAN: 9780595278428
ISBN: 0595278426
Format: Couverture cartonnée
nombre de pages: 592
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Année: 2003


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