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Francois Truffaut

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Anne Gillain is Professor Emerita at Wellesley College and is known for her work in French cinema, particularly the films of Fran... Lire la suite
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Anne Gillain is Professor Emerita at Wellesley College and is known for her work in French cinema, particularly the films of Fran ois Truffaut. She is author of Le Cinema selon Fran ois Truffaut and The 400 Blows.

Alistair Fox is Professor of English and Director of the Centre for Research on National Identity at the University of Otago. He is author of Jane Campion: Authorship and Personal Cinema (IUP 2011).

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For Fran ois Truffaut, the lost secret of cinematic art is in the ability to generate emotion and reveal repressed fantasies through cinematic representation. Available in English for the first time, Anne Gillain's Fran ois Truffaut: The Lost Secret is considered by many to be the best book on the interpretation of Truffaut's films. Taking a psycho-biographical approach, Gillain shows how Truffaut's creative impulse was anchored in his personal experience of a traumatic childhood that left him lonely and emotionally deprived. In a series of brilliant, nuanced readings of each of his films, she demonstrates how involuntary memories arising from Truffaut's childhood not only furnish a succession of motifs that are repeated from film to film, but also govern every aspect of his mise en sc ne and cinematic technique.


Acknowledgements; Preface to the English Edition of Francois Truffaut: The Lost Secret. Anne Gillain; Emotion and the Authorial Fantasmatic: An Introduction to Anne Gillain's Francois Truffaut: The Lost Secret. Alistair Fox; Preface to the Original French Edition. One Secret Can Hide Another. Jean Gruault Introduction: The Secret of the Art; 1. Family Secrets: The 400 Blows (1959), The Woman Next Door (1981); 2. Deceptions: Shoot the Piano Player (1960), The Soft Skin (1964); 3. Queen-Women: Jules and Jim (1962), The Last Metro (1980); 4. Sentimental Educations: Stolen Kisses (1968), Two English Girls (1971); 5. Criminal Women: The Bride Wore Black (1967), A Gorgeous Girl Like Me (1972); 6. In Search of the Father: Fahrenheit 451 (1966), Day for Night (1973); 7. Marriages: Mississippi Mermaid (1969), Bed and Board (1970); 8. Words and Things: The Wild Child (1970), The Story of Adele H. (1975); 9. The Child King: Small Change (1976), Love on the Run (1979); 10. Fetishism and Mourning: The Man Who Loved Women (1977), The Green Room (1978); 11. The Role of Play: Confidentially Yours (1983); Conclusion: The Art of the Secret Filmography; Bibliography; Index

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Titre: Francois Truffaut
Sous-titre: The Lost Secret
Code EAN: 9780253008398
ISBN: 0253008395
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Genre: Art
nombre de pages: 374
Poids: 501g
Taille: H229mm x B152mm x T20mm
Année: 2013


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