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Readings in the Psychology of Gender

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Texte du rabat Though most research in the psychology of gender highlights the differences between females and males, this supplem... Lire la suite
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Though most research in the psychology of gender highlights the differences between females and males, this supplementary collection of readings also investigates how they are alike. With the aim of providing an accurate picture of gender, the authors have culled readings that not only explore commonalties between females and males, but also probe the unique ways that people of different races, ethnicities, social classes and sexual orientations experience gender. The result is a model that views gender in terms of thinking, feeling, and behaving as the result of a complex interplay among biological, psychological, social and cultural processes.


Preface. Introduction. 1. A Framework for Understanding the Psychology of Gender. Reading 1: Stereotypes, Science, Censorship, and the Study of Sex Differences. Diane F. Halpern. Reading 2: The origins of gender: A dialectical model. Anne E. Hunter and Carie Forden. 2. Gender in the Context of Power Relations. Reading 3: Female Powerlessness: Still a Case of "Cultural Preparedness?" Hilary M. Lips. Reading 4: Masculinity and Gender Roles Among Puerto Rican Men: Machismo on the U.S. Mainland. Jose B. Torres. 3. Alike or Different? The Relationship of Gender to Thought, Language, and Emotion. Reading 5: Stereotype Threat and Women's Math Performance. Steven J. Spencer, Claude M. Steele, and Diane M. Quinn. Reading 6: Gender Differences in Interaction: A Reexamination. Elizabeth Aries. 4. Gender and Mental Health. Reading 7: Gender Differences in Depression: The Role Played by Paternal Attitudes of Male Superiority and Maternal Modeling of Gender-Related Limitations. Brett Silverstein and Arthur D. Lynch. Reading 8: Absent Fathers: Effects on Abandoned Sons. Dennis A. Balcom. Reading 9: Body Image and Self-Esteem: A Comparison of African-American and Caucasian Women. Beth L. Molloy and Sharon D. Herzberger. 5. Gender and Physical Health. Reading 10: Male Circumcision: A Gender Perspective. Joseph Zoske. Reading 11: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Menopause. Gail Robinson. 6. Gender and Intimate Relationships. Reading 12: "I'm Not Friends the Way She's Friends": Ideological and Behavioral Constructions of Masculinity in Men's Friendships. Karen Walker. Reading 13: Gendered Dynamics in the Romantic Relationships of Lesbians and Gay Men. Michelle Huston and Pepper Schwartz. 7. Gender and Sexuality. Reading 14: Toward an Understanding of Behaviourally Bisexual Men: The Influence of Context and Culture. Joseph P. Stokes, Robin L. Miller and Rhonda Mundhenk. Reading 15: Femininity as a Barrier to Positive Sexual Health for Adolescent Girls. Deborah L. Tolman. 8. Gender and Violence. Reading 16: The Importance of Community in a Feminist Analysis of Domestic Violence Among American Indians. Sherry L. Hamby. Reading 17: Violence: Slay or Be Slain. William Pollack. 9. Gender and Caregiving. Reading 18: Deconstructing the Essential Father. Louise B. Silverstein and Carl F. Auerbach. Reading 19: "I Take Care of My Kids": Mothering Practices of Substance-Abusing Women. Phyllis L. Baker and Amy Carson. 10. Gender and Work. Reading 20: Gender-Stereotypic Images of Occupations Correspond to the Sex Segregation of Employment. Mary Ann Cejka and Alice H. Eagly. Reading 21: Women Above the Glass Ceiling: Perceptions on Corporate Mobility and Strategies for Success. Sally Ann Davies-Netzley.

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Titre: Readings in the Psychology of Gender
Sous-titre: Exploring Our Differences and Commonalities
Code EAN: 9780205305940
ISBN: 978-0-205-30594-0
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Pearson Education (US)
Genre: Psychologie
nombre de pages: 288
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Année: 2001


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