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A Mind Of Her Own

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In the new edition of a successful book, Anne Campbell redresses the balance of evolutionary theory in favour of women. She examin... Lire la suite
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In the new edition of a successful book, Anne Campbell redresses the balance of evolutionary theory in favour of women. She examines how selection pressures have shaped the female mind over thousands of generations: Their emotions, friendship, competition, aggression and mate choice.

A fascinating and intellectually deep tour of the evolutionary psychology of women. Campbell's book provides insights into some of the most profound mysteries of human nature... destined to become a classic

Anne Campbell is a Professor of Psychology at Durham University. After completing her D.Phil. on female delinquency at Oxford University, she worked in the United States for eleven years studying girl gang members and violent crime. Since then, she has taken an evolutionary approach to understanding sex differences in aggression, focusing on the psychological mechanisms that mediate behavioural differences between men and women. She has published 5 books, and won the Distinguished Publication Award from Association for Women in Psychology. She has written over 90 academic articles on topics such as female crime, intimate partner violence, one night stands, competition, gender development, impulsivity, fear, hormonal effects, and mental representations of aggression.

Texte du rabat

2nd edition, now with new information on the hormone oxytocin, and its role in evolution.


1. The essential woman: Biophobia and the study of sex differences ; 2. Mothers matter most: Women and parental investment ; 3. High stakes and low risks: Women and aggression ; 4. Who does she think she is? Women and status ; 5. Like a sister: Women and friendship ; 6. But she that filches from me my good name: Women and mate competition ; 7. A coincidence of interests: Women and monogamy ; 8. Individual differences: The unique woman ; 9. The flexible phenotype: Women and culture

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Titre: A Mind Of Her Own
Sous-titre: The evolutionary psychology of women
Code EAN: 9780199609543
ISBN: 978-0-19-960954-3
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Oxford University Press
Genre: Psychologie
nombre de pages: 440
Poids: 646g
Taille: H238mm x B167mm x T24mm
Année: 2013


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