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Strategic Connections

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ANNE BABER cofounded Contacts Count, an international training firm, 24 years ago.LYNNE WAYMON cofounded Contacts Count, an i... Lire la suite
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ANNE BABER cofounded Contacts Count, an international training firm, 24 years ago.

LYNNE WAYMON cofounded Contacts Count, an international training firm, 24 years ago. They are the authors of Make Your Contacts Count. ANDR' ALPHONSO

ANDR' ALPHONSO manages Contacts Count in Australia and India. JIM WYLDE is a Principal Consultant and Certified Trainer with the firm.

JIM WYLDE is a Principal Consultant and Certified Trainer with the firm.

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Today's organizations are collaborative. With old command-and-control methods replaced by openness and transparency, networking has become an essential professional skill - expected of everyone, at every level.

Unveiling eight indispensable competencies for the new Network-Oriented Workforce, Strategic Connections provides practical advice for building better, more productive business relationships. Readers will discover how to:

  • Commit to a positive, proactive networking mindset
  • Align networking activities with individual and organizational objectives
  • Leverage their contacts by organizing them into strategic groups
  • Earn trust - a prerequisite for collaboration
  • Boost their social acumen and increase their likeability
  • Master conversational skills and deepen interactions
  • Employ storytelling to make communications memorable
  • Use networking to deliver value to the company

Thanks to technology, new contacts are only a click away. But the level of connection and collaboration required for real success demands advanced face-to-face relationship-building skills. This book gives you the tools you need to meet goals, execute strategies, foster innovation, and make yourself invaluable to your organization.



Preface: The Compelling Case for Face to FaceIX

The Way to CollaborationIX

Make an ImpactXI

Introduction: The Eight Must-Have Skills for Strategic Connections1

What's the Back Story?2

Why Put Face to Face Out Front?4

What Are the Benefits?5

How to Use This Book9

1Commit to a New Networker Identity / 10

Strategic Connections: Explore Opportunities10

Analyze Your Attitudes11

The Nine Biggest Misconceptions About Networking12

The Definition of Networking15

Become a Strategic Networker16

Activate Your Networker Identity17

Manage Your Mindset19

2Take a Strategic Approach / 26

Strategic Connections: Raise Rainmakers26

Networking in the Collaborative Culture27

Put Some Purpose in Your Small Talk33

Connect at ChoicePoints38

Connect in Groups43

Make the Most of Your Memberships51

Choose Your Goal54

3Envision Your Ideal Network / 61

Strategic Connections: Link Up HR Leaders61

The Four Nets62

Developing Your Nets73

Your KeyNets75

4Develop Trusting Relationships / 83

Strategic Connections: Reach Out in the Community83

Teach People to Trust You84

Move Through the Six Stages of Trust88

Renew Dormant Ties93

Analyze Your Contacts94

Next Steps: Consider the Risk and Value97

Frequently Asked Questions105

5Increase Your Social Acumen / 108

Strategic Connections: Make Memberships Worthwhile108

What Is Social Acumen?109

The Name Exchange109

Join Groups Comfortably116

11 Tips for Avoiding Awkward Moments119

End with the Future in Mind123

The Likeability Link128

6Deepen Interactions / 133

Strategic Connections: Support Women's Leadership133

Why People Don't Talk134

Talk: Get into Dialogues That Build and Sustain Relationships135

Question: Ask Questions That Make People Stop and Think141

Listen: Pay Attention to the Three

Things That Are Important145

Give: Offer Resources and Ideas That Signal

You Want to Connect and Collaborate148

Reconnect: Follow Through and Stay

in Touch in Ways That Build Trust152

7Communicate Expertise / 157

Strategic Connections: Tell the Story157

Answering "What Do You Do?"158

Frequently Asked Questions165

Why Storytelling Works170

Frequently Asked Questions176

8Create New Value / 179

Strategic Connections: Respond to Marketplace Changes179

Clarifying Collaboration181

Acting on the Three Principles183

Build Trust Online196

Mentor and Model200

9How to Develop and Support

Your Network-Oriented Workplace / 203

And the Word Is . . .204

The Need for a Network-Oriented Workplace205

What's Your Organization's Networker Identity?209

Create Connections213

Spark Conversation217

Foster Collaboration221

Suggested Reading231


About the Authors239

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Titre: Strategic Connections
Sous-titre: The New Face of Networking in a Collaborative World
Code EAN: 9780814434963
ISBN: 978-0-8144-3496-3
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Harper Collins (US)
Genre: Management
nombre de pages: 256
Poids: 517g
Taille: H239mm x B161mm x T29mm
Année: 2015