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Advances in the Control of Theileriosis

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Approximately five years have elapsed since the Conference on "Tick-borne Diseases and their Vectors" (Wilde, 1978, University of ... Lire la suite
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Approximately five years have elapsed since the Conference on "Tick-borne Diseases and their Vectors" (Wilde, 1978, University of Edinburgh) was held at the Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine in Edinburgh. Theileriosis was one of the main topics at that Conference and some 20 scientific presentations were given. Also in the same year a Workshop on "Theileriosis" was held at the Kenyatta Conference Centre in Nairobi (Henson & Campbell, 1977, IDRC, Ottawa). Both of these meetings provided a valuable up dating of theilerial diseases, and the Proceedings have been a constant source of reference for scientists in the ensuing years. The meetings played a significant role in setting the scene for a number of important advances which have been made since then. In February of this year, attention was focused on these advances when nearly 200 scientists from over 30 countries were assembled at the International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases in Nairobi for the international conference on "Advances in the Control of Theileriosis". The interest and concern shown in this subject has now grown to the extent that more than 70 scientific presentations were given over the course of a very busy week. An important facet of the Conference was the attention given to the control of Theileriosis, since this must be the ultimate aim of all those involved with the disease. Control will be difficult.

Opening Address.- Epidemiology.- Theilerial species of domestic livestock.- The epidemiology of Theileriosis in East Africa.- The epidemiology of Theileriosis in the Trans-Mara Division, Kenya.- The occurrence of a Theileriaparva carrier state in cattle from an East Coast fever endemic area of Kenya.- Theileria infections in Rhipicephalusappendiculatus ticks collected in the field.- Preliminary studies on East Coast fever in the Coast Province of Kenya.- The involvement of wildlife in Theileria infections of domestic animals in East Africa.- Bovine Theileriosis in Zimbabwe.- Preliminary observations on Theileriosis in Zambia.- Comparative studies on calf mortality in local Zebu and first crosses with exotic dairy breeds in Zanzibar.- Preliminary studies on the epidemiology of Theileriosis in Eastern Equatoria Province of the Sudan.- Theileriamutans in Nigeria: Clinical records of prevalence and experimental infection in calves.- Prevalence of Theileria schizonts in the domestic ruminants in Nigeria and the identification and bionomics of the vector.- Bovine Theileriosis and its control in Japan.- Piroplasmosis in cattle imported onto the island of Jeju-Do, Republic of Korea.- Epidemiology: Appraisal and Future Perspectives.- InVitro Studies.- Application of invitro techniques to vaccination against Theileriosis.- Invitro cloning of Theileria-infected bovine lymphoblastoid cells: Standardization and characterization.- Incorporation of radio-labelled nucleic acid precursors by Theileriaparva during sporogony.- Preliminary observations on the density of sporozoites of Theileriaannulata.- Invitro neutralization of Theilerial sporozoite infectivity with immune serum.- The infectivity of Theileria sporozoites for bovid leucocytes invitro.- Artificial infection of ticks by percutaneous injection using deep-frozen blood.- Invitro studies on 2 strains of Theileriaannulata.- Invitro studies: Appraisal and Future Perspectives.- Vector Studies.- Current methods of tick control with special reference to Theileriosis.- Biological control of ticks with particular reference to Rhipicephalusappendiculatus.- The occurrence and distribution of Theileriosis vectors in Zimbabwe.- Isolation, identification and transmission of Theileriamutans in Northern Sudan.- Advances in the control of Hyalomma by irradiation.- Vector Control: Appraisal and Future Perspectives.- Chemotherapy.- Commercial considerations for the development of an antitheilerial product.- Progress in the chemotherapy of Theileriosis.- Studies invivo and invitro with 993C and Halofuginone.- Chemotherapy of Theileriosis in cattle.- Preliminary studies on chemotherapy of bovine Theileriosis with Halofuginone in Tanzania.- Chemotherapy against Theileriaannulata.- Treatment of bovine Theileriosis (Theileriaannulata infection) using a new drug 993C.- Chemotherapy: Appraisal and Future Perspectives.- Immunization.- Infection and treatment method of immunization against Theileriosis.- Observations on Rwandan strains of Theileriaparva and the value of T. parva Nyakizu as a possible vaccine strain.- Schizonts and tick stages in immunization against Theileriaannulata infection.- Preparation and application of Theileriaannulata infected stabilate.- Trials with cell culture vaccine against Theileriosis in Turkey.- Immunisation of cattle against Theileriaannulata. A résumé of work done at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.- Bovine tropical Theileriosis and its control.- Immunization against Theileriosis: Appraisal and Future Perspectives.- Immunology.- Cellular immune response in Theileriosis.- Specific and non-specific cellular immune response to Theileriaparva in cattle.- The induction of cell-mediated immunity in cattle inoculated with cell lines parasitized with Theileriaparva.- The kinetics of infection with Theileriaparva in cattle and the relevance to the development of immunity.- Analyses of Theileria-infected cell surface antigens with monoclonal antibodies.- Lymphocyte stimulatory capacities of various Theileriaparva isolates; potential immunogenic and suppressive determinants associated with the parasite antigens and their relevance to vaccines.- The nature of the lymphocyte subpopulation transformed by Theileriaparva.- The nature of Theileriaparva-transformed lymphocytes. Biochemical studies using 993C treated lymphoblastoid lines and autologous peripheral blood lymphocytes.- The role of macrophages in protective immunity and immunosuppression in bovine Theilerioses.- Characterization of antigens of Theileria macroschizonts and Inmune precipitation studies.- Membrane antigens of Theileria piroplasms.- Bovine major histocompatibility antigens of lymphoblastoid lines transformed by Theileria.- Selection on the basis of major histocompatibility type of lymphoid cells from a bovine chimaera transformed by Theileria parasites.- The humoral responses in Theileriosis.- Isozyme patterns of Theileriaparva-infected bovine lymphoblastoid cells and purified Theileria macroschizonts.- Inmune response of calves against Theileriaannulata.- Theileriamutans: A possible cause of breakdown of premunity to anaplasmosis in Friesian X Zebu calves under a semi- traditional husbandry system.- Immunology: Appraisal and Future Perspectives.- Economics.- Some aspects of the economic appraisal of East Coast fever control programmes.- A systems approach to the ecology and management of tick-borne diseases of cattle.- Economic losses from East Coast fever in Malawi.- An approach to the economic assessment of East Coast fever in Kenya.- The economics of East Coast fever (E.C.F.) control in the Limuru Division of the Kiambu District of Kenya using a simple model.- Economics of Theileriosis control: Appraisal and Future Perspectives.- Contributors and Participants.

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