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Collected Papers IV

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Following the thematic divisions of the first three volumes of Alfred Schutz's Collected Papers into The Problem of Social Reality... Lire la suite
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Following the thematic divisions of the first three volumes of Alfred Schutz's Collected Papers into The Problem of Social Reality, Studies in Social Theory and Phenomenological Philosophy, this fourth volume contains drafts of unfinished writings, drafts of published writings, translations of essays previously published in German, and some largely unpublished correspondence. The drafts of published writings contain important material omitted from the published versions, and the unfinished writings offer important insights into Schutz's otherwise unpublished ideas about economic and political theory as well as the theory of law and the state. In addition, a large group contains Schutz's reflections on problems in phenomenological philosophy, including music, which both supplement and add new dimensions to his published thought. All together, the writings in this volume cover Schutz's last 15 years in Europe as well as manuscripts written after his arrival in the USA in 1939.
Audience: Students and scholars of phenomenology, social theory and the human sciences in general.

Alfred Schütz, geboren 1899 in Wien - soziologischer Klassiker und bedeutender Phänomenologe, Studium in Wien Rechts- und Staatswissenschaften. Arbeit dann - bald leitend - für verschiedene Banken. 1932 erste Buchveröffentlichung. 1938/39 Emigration über Paris nach New York, wo er weiterhin für ein Wiener Bankhaus arbeitet. Ab 1944 Lehrtätigkeit an der New School of Social Research. Weitere Publikationen, u. a. auch sozialwissenschaftliche Aufsätze. Der Autor verstarb 1959 in New York. Helmut Wagner, Jahrgang 1934, geboren in Ostpreußen, kam nach dem Krieg in die sowjetisch besetzte Zone. Nach einer Lehre als Stahlbauschlosser ging er mit 19 Jahren zur Kasernierten Volkspolizei und wechselte später zum MfS. Seit Beginn der 60er Jahre arbeitete er in der Spionageabwehr gegen BRD-Dienste: Bundesnachrichtendienst, Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz und Militärischer Abschirmdienst.

Reflects on problems in phenomenological philosophy, including music. This book covers the author's 15 years in Europe as well as manuscripts written after his arrival in the USA in 1939.

Preface. Part I: The Problem of Social Reality. 1. The Outline of a Theory of Relevance. 2. The Problem of Rationality in the Social World. 3. Realities from Daily Life to Theoretical Contemplation. 4. Teiresias or our Knowledge of Future Events. 5. Relevance: Knowledge on Hand and in Hand. 6. The Problem of Social Reality. Part IIA: Studies in Social Theory. 7. Towards a Viable Sociology. 8. Understanding and Acting in Political Economy and the Other Social Sciences. 9. Basic Problems of Political Economy. 10. Political Economy: Conduct of Man in Social Life. 11. Phenomenology and Cultural Science. 12. The Life-World and Scientific Interpretation. 13. The Scope and Function of the Department of Philosophy within the Graduate Faculty. Part IIB: Studies in the Methodology of Social Theory. 14. Basic Concepts and Methods of the Social Sciences. 15. A Note on Behaviorism. 16. A Scholar of Multiple Involvements: Felix Kauffmann. 17. Social Science and the Social World. 18. In Search of the Middle Ground. Part III: Studies in Phenomenological Philosophy. 19. Husserl's Cartesian Meditations. 20. Husserl's Formal and Transcendental Logic. 21. Husserl's Notes Concerning the Constitution of Space. 22. Husserl's Krisis. 23. Farber's Foundations of Early Phenomenology. 24. The Paradox of the Transcendental Ego. 25. Husserl's Parisian Lectures of 1929. 26. On the Concept of Horizon. 27. Thou and I. 28. Foundations of the Theory of Social Organization. 29. Gnosticism and Orthodoxy: Contrasts in Fundamental Metaphysical and Theological Positions. 30. Experience and Transcendence. Appendix: Fragments Towards a Phenomenology of Music. Index of Names.

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