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Disc 1
1Tommy: 'It's Not A Good Idea '00:07
2Red Right Hand06:10
3St. James Infirmary Blues02:25
4Truce (From 'Peaky Blinders' Original Soundtrack / Series 1)02:30
5Tommy: 'Right I Have Bought You Hear Today '00:10
6The Prowl03:17
7Polly: 'There's Only One Thing '00:06
8Love Is Blindness03:19
9To Bring You My Love05:33
10Alfie: 'I've Heard Very Bad, Bad, Bad Things '00:09
11River Styx03:56
12Post Irish Meeting (From 'Peaky Blinders' Original Soundtrack / Series 2)01:49
13Red Right Hand02:53
14What He Wrote04:05
15Arthur: 'Do You Wanna Tell 'Em '00:17
16Come On Over02:52
17Do I Wanna Know? (Album Version)04:34
Disc 2
1Tommy: 'I Love You '00:09
3You And Whose Army?03:11
4Polly: 'A Woman Of Substance '00:09
5This Is Love03:48
6Sons (From 'Peaky Blinders' Original Soundtrack / Series 3)01:21
7Tommy: 'You Can Change What You Do '00:05
8Burn The Witch03:37
9Bad Habits03:01
11Tommy: 'Sex, Freedom, Whiskey Sours '00:11
13The Mercy Seat05:11
14I Wish, I Wish06:23
15Ballad Of Polly Gray (From 'Peaky Blinders' Original Soundtrack / Series 4)03:27
16Tommy: 'I'm Not A Traitor To My Class '00:12
17Devil Inside Me02:58
Disc 3
1Snake Oil04:21
2Polly: 'It's In Our Gypsy Blood '00:24
3Pyramid Song04:49
4A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall03:55
5Ada: 'So, Tommy Shelby, MP '00:06
6The Wizard04:24
7Papi Pacify04:23
8Atmosphere (Mix)04:10
9Tommy: 'You Need To Understand '00:09
10You're Not God (From 'Peaky Blinders' Original Soundtrack / Series 5)03:07
11Arthur: 'There's A Bentley Outside '00:08
12I'm The Man02:41
13Never Fight A Man With A Perm03:49
14Tommy: 'I Will Continue '00:08
15Ballad Of A Thin Man06:46